Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Takes over Retail Windows With Visual Feeder

Chicago’s retail scene is about to witness a thrilling fusion of creativity and technology as Paramount Pictures joins forces with the innovative Experiential Media Tech Company, Visual Feeder, to unveil an exclusive sneak peek of their highly anticipated film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem,


Teen Entrepreneur Takes On Sustainable Luxury Accessories

Byron Matysek, a high school senior at Alexander W Dreyfoos School of the Arts, creatively upcycles decommissioned fire hoses into luxury fashion accessories 18-year-old Byron Matysek- a high school senior, has developed sustainable, luxury products with a unique concept to celebrate the heroism of the


Companies That “Speak” Multicultural Are Dominating Their Industries By 70%

Last year, when the world watched protests sweep across the country, one message became clear. People of color were tired of the prejudice so deeply ingrained into our culture that it perpetrated inequality in the justice system, workplace, and everywhere else we went. And countless

Police vehicle in front of Louis Vuitton Store

Smash-and-Grab Crimes On The Rise In Major U.S. Cities

There has been a wave of thieves committing smash and grab crimes throughout the United States. These individuals are rushing into stores with large groups of people in order to grab as much merchandise as they can. There have been incidents throughout Chicago, Los Angeles,


How This Company Is Raising The Bar And Transforming Chicago Into A Fashion Capital

Tony Long, CEO of FashionBar LLC, is transforming Chicago into a fashion capital. By launching FashionBar LLC, he has created a business platform that offers fashion business consulting, design and development, and go-to-market strategies. The company celebrates and aligns its ethics on inclusion, wellness, diversity

Obama presenting Presidential Center project.

Gentrification Concerns Over The Obama Presidential Center

For the past five years, the Obamas have been fighting legal and gentrification concerns over the Obama Presidential Center project. The center will be located in Chicago’s South Side and will transform 19.5 acres of lakefront in Jackson Park and will include a new branch


Spotivity Raises 1 million in Seed Funding Round

Spotivity, a Chicago startup dedicated to guiding the youth, recently raised 1 million in seed funding. This funding will be used to support the global launch of the app as it expands. This milestone, according to Founder Montana Butsch, “ time, determination, and a long


JB Pritzker Announces New Grants For Small Businesses In Chicago

With many businesses having had to close due to Covid 19 shutdowns and restricting measures, it’s no wonder many owners are suffering. Chicago businesses are no exception. But there are means and ways around it, quite possibly a lot. For instance, a new batch of


Is Everyone Going To Get Free Internet in Chicago Now?

Chicagoans were asked a pretty straightforward question on their ballots this election, “Should the city of Chicago act to ensure that all the city’s community areas have access to broadband Internet?” The answer was overwhelmingly “yes”, by a 9-1 margin. But what does that mean?


Asian Immigrants Look To Make Their Mark In Chicago

“America was built by immigrants,” A common proverb that we have heard throughout our lives living in this country. However, we should say, “America depends on immigrants.” We are also told time and time again that America is the land of opportunity, and it’s hard


How Genesys Works Can Help Teen Entrepreneurs Raise Capital

If you’re an aspiring teen entrepreneur, you may find yourself wondering how to get started on running your own business. It may be tempting to try launching a startup as soon as inspiration strikes, but there are several factors you need to consider before doing


The Cofounders Revisualizing The $8.5B Billboard Industry

The world is full of fearless innovators. Meet the Rising Stars making a difference in their communities and industries. Who are Eddie Yang and Yaxi Yang? Yaxi Yang and Eddie Yang cofounders of Visual Feeder Eddie Yang and Yaxi Yang are an entrepreneurial brother and


Billy Dec, The Entertainment King Changing The World Of Marketing

What is a maverick? Someone who breaks the rules, achieves success, and changes the world. Who is Billy Dec? Billy Dec is an actor, producer, television food contributor, and multifaceted entrepreneur. By combining over 20 years experience in both the entertainment and hospitality industries, he

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