Entertainment Industry RepresentAsian To Look Out For In 2021

Chloé Zhao. Simu Liu. The Ho’s. These are names that may not seem very familiar right now, but might just become household names by this time next year. Everyone has some reason or other to want to leave 2020 behind (it has been quite a…whirlwind


Why There Needs To Be More Asian American Representation In Media

I grew up watching countless movies that Hollywood produced: from the movie musicals of the early 1930s – 40s, to the infamous rom-coms at the turn of the century, to the ‘80s horror flicks that garnered cult followings long after they had lost their relevance,


Food That Won’t Break The Bank Before A Broadway Show

We know you’re already shelling out big bucks to see the hottest debut on the Great White Way (and then dropping some more cash on drinks after), so here’s our list of affordable dining options to spare you some pocket change before the show goes