Brittany Baugher


Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement: A Chat With Dr. Mirella Diaz-Santos

Out of the six million Americans diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, approximately four million are women. Additionally, it was discovered that women over 60 are two times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s than breast cancer. These startling statistics, compounded with other gender-based research, led Maria Shriver


Ralph Lauren Gives New Meaning to the Words “Shopping Experience”

Think about your favorite color for a minute. Now, imagine walking into your favorite shop in the mall. You’ve always wanted to find a top in a particular shade of yellow, but usually end up settling on basically any shade of the color. What if


How Frank is Changing the Future of College Financial Planning

Frank, an online college planning portal for students, was recently acquired by JP Morgan. Charlie Javice, founder of Frank, says that the platform takes a different approach to helping students plan for their college education. Instead of concentrating efforts on financing college loans for students,


What Facebook’s Push For Cryptocurrency Could Mean In Case Of A Recession

In 2019, Facebook first proposed a new cryptocurrency network on its social media platform that would change the way the world banks. In response, they were hit with major backlash from regulators because of concerns over instability of cryptocurrency like bitcoin. Over the last month,