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Interview With A Filmmaker Who Wears Many Hats: Jeongwon Lee

The art of creating a visual piece, be it a painting, statue, or a film, is dependent on the eyes of the beholder if it grabs their attention long enough. When it comes to this basic fact, filmmaker Jeongwon Lee took this into account and


Asian Import Vivi Hu Breaks Out With A New Single

It is no wonder that the stunning and talented songstress Vivi Hu has become an emerging talent on the U.S. music scene. Her musical style is a fusion of jazz, R&B, soul, and Mandarin pop. She has managed to blend her cultural roots into her


Businesses Fighting To Stop The Hate Against Asian Americans

For some, it has been no surprise to see the alarming increase of hate crimes against Asian Americans considering the former president of the United States in not so many words blamed them for the Coronavirus pandemic that has killed 585,000 and put millions of


4 Epic Asian Stories Just Waiting To Be Told In Hollywood

A lot about diversity in Hollywood has been discussed, but there is still an important question that hasn’t been addressed. How can Asian Americans be better represented on the silver screen? Fresh Off the Boat made waves in February of 2015 by being the first


Entertainment Industry RepresentAsian To Look Out For In 2021

Chloé Zhao. Simu Liu. The Ho’s. These are names that may not seem very familiar right now, but might just become household names by this time next year. Everyone has some reason or other to want to leave 2020 behind (it has been quite a…whirlwind


Why There Needs To Be More Asian American Representation In Media

I grew up watching countless movies that Hollywood produced: from the movie musicals of the early 1930s – 40s, to the infamous rom-coms at the turn of the century, to the ‘80s horror flicks that garnered cult followings long after they had lost their relevance,


Asian Immigrants Look To Make Their Mark In Chicago

“America was built by immigrants,” A common proverb that we have heard throughout our lives living in this country. However, we should say, “America depends on immigrants.” We are also told time and time again that America is the land of opportunity, and it’s hard


How Companies Can Hire More Diverse Candidates And Address Microaggressions

We are living in such a surreal time, between dodging COVID-19, and all of the headline news of police brutality towards unarmed Black people. In response, companies across the nation have donated to many Black organizations, honoring Juneteenth as a paid holiday, and are finally


The Bright App Helps Personal Trainers Connect With Clients Virtually

People always have excuses why they can’t stay fit during quarantine: no proper motivation, no space to workout at home, no knowledge about exercises. But what if there was a way you could reach them as a fitness entrepreneur? Nerissa and James Zhang introduce The


7 Great First Generation Asian American Entrepreneurs

“The American Dream”, coined during the early and mid 20th century, is defined as the mantra for economic prosperity and success in American life. This, of course, seemed like a pipe dream for many Asian and Pacific Islanders at the time, with exclusionary acts and

Asian American Entrepreneurs

4 Entrepreneurs Breaking The Silence On AAPI Heritage Month

Asian Americans have long been referred to as “the invisible community”. Due to their hard work and humble demeanor, their achievements often go unnoticed or under-appreciated in society. However, this community is far from invisible. According to an analysis done by AAPI Data, Asian Americans


25 Yr-old Hypnotherapist Helps CEOs Sell Ideas In Silicon Valley

We all have that moment in our lives wherein we feel lost, overwhelmed, unsure and yearning for a Disney-like redo that’ll go from dumps to dazzling in a 2 hour span. But, unfortunately, reality hits and any crisis (financial, emotional, mid-life, etc.) brings our perception