Multi-Talented Artist Spreads Her Wings Across The Globe

It is truly remarkable to witness an artist who excels in singing, acting, and modeling all at once. Balancing all three endeavors with apparent ease is a rare feat, but for Malaysian native, Mizz, it comes naturally. Through her extraordinary talents, Mizz has successfully connected


The Story of Culture and Conversation

Regarding culture, discussion, and virtuosity, painter Steve Green has you covered and will have you thinking and willing to learn about the history that only a few can do. Born in East Orange, New Jersey, and raised in Scotch Plains, Steve Green crayoned a communicative


Actress Spreads Her Wings Globally

In the acting game it is hard enough to make your mark in one country let alone worldwide. It seems that multi-talented Coral Mizrachi has managed to plant flags in the US, Europe, and the Middle East. Her talents were realized early with her first


Building Legacy: How To Create Lasting Impact As An Artist

SXSW is a signature intersection of innovation and thought leadership for the future. From space exploration to sustainable farming, from fashion to finance, travel to technology, and so much more–if it’s disruptive, dynamic, and divergent, there’s a stage for that.  Some of the most impactful


Building Brand Identity With Artist Iman Nuñez

With so many new companies swirling around our saturated solar system of screens and stimulus, the process of starting your own brand might feel downright discouraging. It’s a long and winding road for entrepreneurs who are creating, sharing, and monetizing their art. No doubt, you


Producer/Filmmaker Branches Out With New Ventures

It has become evident that in the past few years that indie films have made a mark in the film world, and many have benefited from the technology that has offered filmmakers the opportunity to expose their art. Gal Yefet happens to be one of


Artist Shines Brighter With Every Performance

It takes a lot of desire and determination to build a name in the entertainment industry, especially when you come from a different country. This would be the case for Taiwanese import, Zoey Zo. As a young girl, she was always surrounded by the arts


Versatile Artist Shares Her Talents In New York

Coming from over to New York and in the process of planting your own flag is never an easy task. Kui-Fang Tseng has stepped into the entertainment circuit and seems at home with all its facets. In her native Taiwan, she was an actor, singer,



When an artist can harness more than one discipline it only enables them to be even more creative. Even though it is true that many artists be they a painter, singer or writer can gravitate to another art form is it hard to master two


Asian Import Vivi Hu Breaks Out With A New Single

It is no wonder that the stunning and talented songstress Vivi Hu has become an emerging talent on the U.S. music scene. Her musical style is a fusion of jazz, R&B, soul, and Mandarin pop. She has managed to blend her cultural roots into her


World-renowned artist, Amber Goldhammer is a master of her craft

Recognized as an international success around the world from Hong Kong to Switzerland and Canada, Amber Goldhammer continues to stun the world with her beautiful and innovative artwork. Best known for her signature style which features bold 3D and vibrant compositions, her art is admired

Damiano Tucci

Tucci & Company’s Business Inspires Artists Across the World

As filmmakers across the world aim for their work to make it onto the big screens, Tucci & Company has grown a business to assist them along the way. Tucci & Company can be considered a home for storytellers and filmmakers alike. Founders Damiano and


ARTSEE: The App the Art World Needs Right Now

Artist Joshua Rogers saw a void in the art world and instead of sitting back, the abstract painter took action and worked with a development team to create an app that is revolutionizing the way we buy and sell artwork. With the ARTSEE app, it’s now possible to see just how


What’s Spotify Doing To The Music Industry?

“Music is Life.” Or so I used to scribble in the margins of my spiral notebooks in middle school. Music has always evolved for me to meet me where I’m at. So although I no longer write my music afflictions in graffiti format, like an adult,

Jason Watts Artist in Chicago

This Colorful Artist Will Inspire You To Never Stop Hustling

Innovation comes in many forms. Meet the creative minds inspiring others through art. Chicago artist Jason Watts leads a busy life as both the president of his own design company and as a working muralist. Coming from an artistic, supportive family, Jason graduated from the

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