Anson Wu


How to Run Better Meetings That Build a Winning Startup Culture

One thing everyone loves complaining about in the modern workforce is how much meetings suck, but we keep having them. The people who dislike meetings the most, the management and C-level, are the people usually calling for them. So why are we still having so

Personal Finance for entrepreneurs

3 Hard Lessons on Personal Finance for Entrepreneurs

My first company was built during my college Sophomore year; since then I have built over ten different companies or ventures. More than half of them failed, but the ones that lasted are still paying me a nice dividend to this day. In this article, I am

dont start your business

Don’t Start a Business Without Asking Yourself These Six Questions

With all the advice on the internet and the flashy lifestyles on Instagram, you might be tempted to jump into the be-your-own-boss race too. This is great, and it’s why we, discoverGREY, are here in the first place: To help entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs navigate


5 Big Reasons Why You Should Start Your Business During COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected every fabric of our daily life, from inconvenience to catastrophic. We pay tremendous respect to the healthcare workers who are fighting for our lives on the front-line. Also, for families who have suffered during the pandemic and for some who have made