Adelheid Waumboldt


The California Covid-19 Strategy That Just Doesn’t Add Up

In California, it has been almost 300 days since Governor Gavin Newsom declared a State of Emergency due to the Covid-19 virus, giving him unobstructed judgement in changing California State law at a whim without input from either the citizens or legislators. During this time


How To Use The History Of Symbols To Tap Into Your Consumer’s Psyche

Symbolism is the foundation of modern writing and picture representation. Letters of ancient languages, the original symbols, were similarly contrived like the hieroglyphs of the Egyptians, to utilize a small drawing in the depiction of real life. All visual symbols of information throughout history, therefore,


Stem Cell Treatments Are Making Leaps Where Pharmaceuticals Are Failing

It can be said that if pharmaceuticals were as effective as they are billed to be, there would be far less sick people on earth. Daily reminders on our televisions and smartphones instigate sufferers throughout the United States to “ask your doctor” about the latest


If You’re Looking For A Paradise Island While Working Remotely, This Is It

“Caribbean reality represents the wildest imagination,” wrote Nobel-prize winning novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who would have revered the preservation of heaven-like reality that still exists today in the Caribbean Sea. Hidden among the gems of the North Atlantic Ocean and only a 75-minute flight from