Not many people know that Boston also has a huge list of historic attractions. The touristy vacation destinations can be found on pretty much every road. Even so, the Beantown also has a lot to offer to those searching for something fresh and offbeat too. While we recommend that you stay in a popular place like the Westin Copley Place, there is plenty more you can do here that’s got nothing to do with the usual or the commercial. To that effect, here’s a glance at the top surprising activities and offbeat things to do in the city.


1) The Mapparium Awaits You

Once you step into the popular Mary Baker Eddy Library, you would find a simple attraction right in front of your eyes. The Mapparium is a three-story, recolored globe which is made up of stained glass. It offers you a three-dimensional view at how the world looked in the year 1935. Initially called “The Glass Room,” created by unique craftsmanship; it was made to show the worldwide reach of The Christian Science Monitor. Today, it shows how nations, their borders and their overall look have changed over the previous century.

2) Don’t Spare Yourself the Horror and Visit the Oldest Burial Grounds in Boston

Dissipated all through Boston are sixteen notable burial rounds. These incorporate innumerous graves; some even going back to the 1630s. Six of the burial grounds are open on a daily basis. Guests can explore the various tombstones, which have intriguing inscriptions and iconographies that recount to the narratives and convictions of various hundreds of years. The covering grounds of Silo and Copp’s Slope as well as King’s Chapel lie along the Opportunity Trail and are among the more well-known destinations. If you are put up in a hotel like the Westin Copley Place, ask the concierge and they will tell you which the nearest burial ground is to visit.

3) Smoots Await You in Boston

Spread over the whole length of the Harvard Extension, which associates Boston to Cambridge over the Charles Stream, there is an exceptional arrangement of estimations known as a “smoot.” These measurements found their beginning in the form of a prank in 1958 when a popular fraternity- Lambda Chi Alpha (of Massachusetts Institute of Technology) asked a fresher known as Oliver Smoot to measure the entire length of the bridge using only his height. The smoot, which is estimated at five feet, seven inches (1.7 meters), has become one of the most informally official units of estimation for this bridge, which runs an aggregate of 364.4 smoots in addition to one ear.

4) Play Treasure Hunt

Covered up inside a simple rundown store in the Back Cove is one of Boston’s most mainstream shoe and streetwear shops—Bodega. The store doesn’t have any markings or ads out front. To get in, stroll to the back of the corner store and then simply slide to get through the old Snapple machine, which is the genuine access to an upscale shop.

We recommend you take your pick with the best of hotels like Westin Copley Place and simply try out the offbeat attractions!