The holidays are just around the corner. As we might not still long for the summer days, the colder weather brings its magic. With the holidays come the gifting season, and each year, all of us are trying to nail the perfect gift and upgrade the entire gifting process.

When it comes to gifts, it is important to find the right one for the person you are gifting it to.  It’s not easy to find the perfect gift, especially if you’re a beauty novice yourself. You’ve come to the right place.  For the beauty lovers, the gifting options are quite various, and this season, we have prepared some of the coolest gifting ideas that will truly leave your beauty lover in awe. Take a look!

3D Lashes

If there is one thing that all the beauty lovers just adore and agree on as the most desired and needed thing, that is the lashes. The power of lashes results in a seductive and sexy look. Long, beautiful, and voluminous lashes are what every girl wants. They instantly change the look of the face, make the eyes more defined and beautiful. They are also very simple to wear without the cost and  commitment of eyelash extensions. KmXtend offers both mink and faux mink lashes, each with a special purpose. All of them come in very cute, sparkling packaging and are a great option if you need something additional to add to gift stockings. Your girl will love this brand because they are so lightweight, you can hardly tell they are wearing them! Add in the lash paste liner which goes on as an eyeliner and is also an adhesive for the lashes.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Long and beautiful hair is the ultimate dream of every girl. The fastest and easiest way to achieve that is with hair extensions and is perfect for a newbie or hair extension beginner. This season, by choosing to gift clip-in hair extensions, you will most certainly become the most adored gift giver ever. The luxurious clip in hair extensions is a fast way for transforming the look of the hair and they are also 100% non-commitment. They can easily be installed and removed with low maintenance. With the inserted clip-ins, long and voluminous hair is no longer a fantasy. Choose clip-ins that are at least 20” long and 120 grams of hair, like the ones offered by KmXtend. They are made from real Brazilian human hair and they can be colored, toned, curled, cut, or anything like their own hair. Your gift recipient will love these!

Tape Hair Extensions

Another great gift that your beauty lover recipient will be frantic about is tape in hair extensions. This is a very thoughtful gift and a very popular choice for the intermediate wearers in the hair extension department. This is a gift that will last even up to 6 weeks. You can get very creative with tape hair extensions in the colors by choosing highlights, lowlights, etc. The wefts are very thin and comfortable to wear. This method of hair extensions can be applied by a visit to a salon, or by someone else with experience installing them. So, for a full gift experience, you can pair the tape in hair extensions with an appointment at the hair salon. It will be an unforgettable gift!

Gifting means showing love and attention, so show your beauty lover gift recipient that you are a modern, trendy, and considerate gift giver by choosing the luxury beauty products from Kmxtend. Happy Holidays!

This article originally published on GREY Journal.

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