Digital Media Consult LTD expands their specialized PR solutions into the US market

London, September 2021; Digital Media Consult LTD, the UK-based Public Relations specialists are proud to announce that their in-demand, high-value PR solutions are now available to clients across the US. Offering full-service PR solutions for businesses of all sizes, the team at Digital Media Consult LTD has built an enviable reputation for superb service and quality outcomes, and they are relishing the opportunity to do the same for US businesses and clients of all types.

Digital Media Consult LTD is a team of highly experienced, skilled PR professionals, working with businesses, corporations, and other clients of all sizes and interests, delivering bespoke campaign management, follower analytics, and market research that deliver exceptional results.

Digital experts, Digital Media Consult LTD deliver superb solutions for celebrity and influencer clients, taking responsibility for the less exciting parts of being a celebrity or influencer and leaving clients to enjoy the fun and focus on growing their brands. Their teamwork hard managing client public relations, providing the professional representation needed for growing brands.

With Digital Media Consult LTD, clients can enjoy peace of mind, from social media management to brand deals, a team of trained and experienced professionals takes care of everything, carefully curating brand image to ensure quality collaborations with leading businesses. In this way, Digital Media Consult LTD allows celebrities and influences to concentrate on their core activities and avoid the social media and image problems that can stall careers.

The range of solutions provided by Digital Media Consult LTD include:

  • Social media management
  • Contract and rates negotiation for brand deals and sponsorship
  • Crisis Management to help clients through any challenge
  • Audience and engagement analytics
  • Reviewing content
  • Critical insights
  • Establishing publishing schedules

US clients can enjoy a professional solution from the Digital Media Consult LTD team. With experience in all aspects of the process and deep insight into trends and audience expectations around the world, this tailored PR solution delivers for businesses and individuals across multiple industries.

A completely tailored service, Digital Media Consult LTD professionals fulfill the unique needs of the individual, delivering a bespoke solution that fits each client perfectly.

You can find more information about Digital Media Consult LTD and the bespoke PR solutions they can provide at Their full-service PR team is ready to represent clients across Europe and the US today.

Media Contact:

Company: Digital Media Consult Limited

Address: DEPT 1713A, 196 High Rd, London N22 8HH