For some, the Covid pandemic means working from home and saying goodbye to travel plans—but for many, like essential workers, traveling to and from work is still a part of their regular routine.

And no matter what industry or career you’re in, it’s not uncommon to wear one pair of shoes on the way to work and another while you’re there. Whether you prefer walking to work in something comfortable and need to slip on something more professional before you go in or want to change out of your dirty work clothes before you leave, carrying an extra pair of shoes can be a hassle. They get crushed or scuffed in your bag, get dirt on your other belongings, and can make your bag smell.

Luckily, there’s a solution. KICKSTRAP is an innovative solution to travel shoe storage that makes transporting shoes easier than ever—and it’s perfect for so many people.


KICKSTRAP is a durable and convenient bag for transporting shoes when you travel. It attaches to your main travel bag, such as a workout bag, backpack, or duffel bag, so that you don’t have to carry an extra bag for your shoes. By freeing up your hands, creating more storage space in your main bag, and keeping foot odors away from your belongings, KICKSTRAP solves many problems that essential workers, athletes, and travelers face.

It has a simple and sleek design that does the job well and features multiple ways to attach it to your bag. It fits a men’s size 14 pair of shoes, so there’s plenty of space. KICKSTRAP is a versatile bag accessory that works for anyone who travels with their shoes or wants a little extra space without carrying another bag.

KICKSTRAP Shoe Storage for Essential Workers

Although some people can transition to work from home offices, essential workers are still out there on the front lines. Hospital workers haven’t stopped showing up to work, and nurses especially can benefit from this new product.

For some, getting into work means traversing wet, muddy, or snowy landscapes (even if it’s a big puddle in the parking lot). Wearing clean, professional, and sterile shoes on the way to work can be a mistake. But carrying an extra pair of shoes can be a pain.

So, the solution is to use KICKSTRAP. The portable travel bag connects seamlessly to any backpack, adding extra storage and keeping shoes safe. With a soft design and water-resistant materials, KICKSTRAP protects shoes from damage.

Nurses can fit more than just their shoes inside, too. They can also separate dirty clothes and keep their main bag cleaner longer.

Travel During Coronavirus: Shorter Trips and Smaller Bags

Even though traveling long distances during the Covid outbreak is frowned upon, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay cooped up at home all day. Travelers are taking short, local trips to nearby destinations. They enjoy rediscovering the natural scenery around them and finally going to see the places on their bucket lists that aren’t far from home.

Traveling almost always means that you’ll need different kinds of footwear for different occasions. While comfort is always necessary, the shoes you wear to walk in the city will be much different from the ones you need to go on a hike.

With KICKSTRAP, travelers can carry shoes and other soft personal belongings easily. Since KICKSTRAP connects to the wearer’s backpack, it can be conveniently accessed and removed. It’s perfect for bringing along additional supplies such as first-aid kits and emergency materials. Or, for the more casual traveler, it can also carry dirty clothes.

Travel is not dead—but trips tend to be shorter due to the Covid pandemic. Instead of bringing along more bags than you need, just add a little extra storage with KICKSTRAP.

Great for Runners, Golfers, and Other Athletes

Although it’s popular among workers and travelers, KICKSTRAP is not exclusive to these groups. It’s also perfect for athletes. In fact, it was developed as a marathon runner’s solution to the struggles of transporting running shoes.

KICKSTRAP’s versatile design allows it to connect to any bag, whether it’s a backpack, duffle bag, or a golfing Sunday bag. So, whatever your style is, KICKSTRAP will fit right in. This travel shoe storage solution is also great for cyclists, dancers, gym enthusiasts, and sports players. It can hold dance shoes, cleats, running sneakers, work shoes, and more. Covid isn’t stopping athletes from what they love the most—and this bag is an athletic essential for anyone who travels with shoes.

Travel Storage for Students and Parents

Students and parents alike both find that KICKSTRAP is a great addition to their usual travel gear. For university students, bringing comfortable shoes along with them means that they can stop at their local gym between classes without bringing a bag they have to carry. For younger students, it means being able to carry their “gym clothes” with ease and wear what they want to school.

For parents, KICKSTRAP can also be more than a shoe travel bag. It can also function as an extra bag for carrying their child’s necessities—like toys they just won’t leave the house without.


No matter who you are or what you need it for, KICKSTRAP is the ultimate travel storage solution. Instead of adding an extra bag that you need to carry, get yourself a creative and attractive bag that clips onto your backpack.