Music is something that connects souls. Almost everybody loves music. Hip Hop and rap music are very popular. Hip-hop music is something that is on loop on most people’s playlists. It takes a lot to create a music album. Even more, when you do it alone, and you do not have many people to support you. If you dream of something and work hard for it, you will surely achieve it. Kendrick Fludd Jr. aka 24Kay The journey of following dreams is never easy. And here we have another example of the fact that if you are determined enough and passionate about what you want to do in life, then no one can stop you from climbing higher and higher. You need to make one little step, and then the sky’s the limit. UnitedMasters helps in distributing 24Kay’s music throughout major music apps. UnitedMasters is an American music distributing company. Established in 2017 by Steve Stoute. The company helps independent artists distribute their music to major streaming sites. It acts as “a record label in your pocket”. Kendrick Fludd jr. is setting the stage on fire with his amazing music. Kendrick Fludd Jr. is now famous as 24Kay among people. A rising star in hip-hop music The young star is rising in hip-hop music with a big fan following and is continuing to increase.

A hip-hop music artist from Lithonia, Georgia has set his feet firm in this industry, and quite a significant population follows him today. He grew up in Lithonia, Georgia and all the struggles began from this place. Professional music journey 24Kay started his journey in music from sixth grade. From grade six, he started writing rhymes of his own. He, from the very beginning, knew that music connects his soul, and this was something he wanted to do in life.

He has launched so many music albums that are worth listening to adding to your playlist. Inclination towards music At very young 24Kay was inclined towards music. His step-uncle, a professional musician from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, became his inspiration. He would listen to his step-uncles music all day, and the more he listened to his music, the more the magic of music attracted him.

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