The HustlePost Podcast

The HustlePost Podcast

The HustlePost Podcast is a one-stop destination for becoming your own boss by starting and growing your online business using nothing but social media.


If you are a 9-5 worker, a college student, or anyone else who aspires to start an online business from scratch and grow it fast, The HustlePost Podcast is your answer. This podcast covers diverse topics on new-age careers and is perfect for millennials who desire to live the epic version of their lives.


This show is hosted by Saloni Srivastava, a Youtube content creator and a business coach who has built one of the fastest-growing learning communities in India and helped thousands of millennials start their side hustle and make it massively profitable. Her business makes multiple 6-figure revenues every month along with following the minimalistic pricing policy.


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Saloni Srivastava

Saloni Srivastava is an EdTech entrepreneur, a well-known lifestyle YouTuber & a TEDx Speaker, based out of Bengaluru, India. Her YouTube channel - ‘Saloni Srivastava’ - has carved a unique brand image for itself, currently standing with over 350K dedicated subscribers, and almost 30 million organic views. In 2020, she launched HustlePost Academy, her EdTech company, aiming to help people start and scale their own online businesses. Under her mentorship, a whopping 3000 (and counting) people have been able to successfully launch their online ventures, Saloni is passionate about creating solopreneurs, education, business coaching, and imparting value to people and enriching their lives. She also runs The HustlePost Podcast, a one-stop destination for those who wish to become their own boss! You can follow her on Instagram at @salonisrivastavaofficial.