The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcas...

Hi this is Scott Tarcy and welcome to the Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast I’m a mechanical engineer and the president of My company does CAD work and prototyping. I love designing and inventing products and creating businesses around that activity. There are many podcasts out there about entrepreneurship and a few about inventing, but I have yet to find a podcast specifically about the engineering and technical side of entrepreneurship Since I couldn’t find the exact podcast that interests me as a design engineer and entrepreneur, I decided to go out and create it myself My strategy with this podcast is to interview engineers, designers and inventors who have created businesses around their inventions and products I specifically want to focus on the engineering and design side of their products and inventions

Scott Tarcy

I am an engineer by trade and now an entrepreneur and business owner who runs, helping inventors and companies bring their ideas to real parts.