Entrepreneur Lifestyle with Ben Ivey

Entrepreneur Lifestyle with Ben Ive...

The Entrepreneur Lifestyle Podcast helps you learn how to live a great lifestyle whilst boosting business success. Through deep conversations, humorous stories and golden nuggets of wisdom, Ben asks challenging questions to uncover the secrets that have led to success on his guest’s entrepreneurial journey.


You’ll learn key business strategies to help you grow as well as catastrophic failures to avoid (some of these will blow your mind!) You’ll also have a deeper insight into the unconscious beliefs that have kept these entrepreneurs going through challenging circumstances, which they may not have even been aware of.


Add this to your podcast list if you’re fed up of overworking, procrastinating and stretching yourself too thin. This is where you’ll uncover the synergy of lifestyle and business.

Ben Ivey

When Ben Ivey started on this journey, he was perhaps in a similar position that many business owners face. Despite owning his own business and working with his international team, he was feeling overwhelmed, lost and unfulfilled. Feeling like his life was lacking meaning, Ben began on a destructive path of self-sabotage, burn out and damaging relationships. After this downward spiral, Ben became obsessed with the question: Is it possible to build a successful business whilst living a great lifestyle simultaneously? Learning from mentors like Allan Kleynhans, and world-renown speakers such as Tony Robbins, Chloe Madanes, T Harv Eker, Andy Harrington and more. Ben became a certified Robbins Madanes Strategic Intervention Coach, NLP Trainer and Lead Facilitator for Zero Suicide Systems Nu- Rekall. Using these skills, as well as many other tools, he overcame his self-sabotage in business and has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe to do the same. Ben specialises in helping successful entrepreneurs reduce stress and overwhelm, so that they can live the lifestyle they thought they would have when they started their business, whilst boosting business success. He is CEO and founder of The Entrepreneur Lifestyle, supporting successful entrepreneurs create their ideal lifestyle in the quickest and most sustainable way possible. Ben is also the founder of the Entrepreneur Lifestyle Coach Academy, training lifestyle coaches with the coaching skills, knowledge and business strategies to build a 6 figure coaching practice online. He has certified trainers internationally regularly holding events and working with senior leadership teams of large companies such as Maersk, HSBC and Coca Cola. Ben is a bilingual speaker regularly flying to speak at global events in the United Kingdom, America, and China. He has also completed a TED talk in Mandarin Chinese, is an early stage investor and gives back to young business owners on their entrepreneurial journey. He continues to work hard on his mission to help 10 million business owners around the world to create their ideal lifestyle whilst accelerating business success.