When you look back over your life will you be proud of the number of things you bought in the shops? Or the different things you have done? 

Will you be pleased with all the consumer items you have accumulated over the years… or happy that you have enjoyed more experiences?

There has been a revolution in thinking about our lives in recent years. Many of us are now realizing that real happiness comes from great memories – not buying bigger TVs. More and more people are realizing investment in creating unforgettable memories such as holidays is more important than the next new handbag. 

Long-lasting contentment is more likely to come from an adventure trip than a shopping trip. More of us are valuing experiences over materialism.

And that’s why we are looking to tackle the items on our travel bucket lists… instead of upgrading our wardrobes, cars, and ranks of consumer items. Objects have built-in obsolescence, memories don’t. 

But having decided to dedicate a summer break to finding a memorable activity, you’ll find that is just the start of the process. The next difficult stage for many of us is: which activity to actually try?

The problem is the modern world is now full of experiences to try, from adrenaline-boosting sports to mind-expanding explorations. There’s everything available to choose from: ranging from bungee jumping in the jungle to opera singing up a mountain. 

So, it’s not easy to decide what is to be your next big bucket-list adventure. Perhaps it’s best to narrow the options by choosing a destination first.

You might decide to head to a brilliant Mediterranean destination like Greece… But what do you choose to do while you’re there?

Greece is easy to reach from the UK, with plenty of affordable flights from all over the country. It has a reliably warm climate, fantastic food, and an array of iconic sights. The Greeks are friendly and welcoming. 

The geography of the country makes it perfect for coastal adventures. It has a fascinating arrangement of islands, inlets, and headlands, all offering thousands of quiet sunny beaches and beautiful rocky coves.

What is the best way to explore that fantastic coastline? 

Some choose walking, others cycle but the savviest travelers know that the best way to experience the best of the Greek coast is by boat. The best way to scan through your options is via a list of greek catamaran charters here.

This is the safest and easiest place to find a nautical experience around the Greek coast – and create a maritime adventure you will remember for the rest of your life.

What do they offer?

BorrowABoat offers a huge range of vessels: There are more than 35,000 available across more than 65 countries. 

In Greece, you’ll find they make planning your summer experience really simple. There are around 5,000 different vessels to choose from and they’re found at every major harbor in the country.

You can choose between sailing yachts, catamarans, powerboats, motorboats, and luxury superyachts. There’s a boat for every budget – and every style of adventure.

Greek charters: Their range goes from a simple but fun 37ft cruiser moored in Corfu that’s available on a bareboat basis from just €78 a day… and extends up to a series of fabulous super yachts. These opportunities to taste a luxury lifestyle can cost as much as €35,714 a day!

Don’t despair because in the mid-range there are thousands of vessels available at affordable prices around €120 a day – and that’s pretty good value for a multi-person bucket list experience.

It’s a chance to potter around one of the world’s great coastlines, mooring in secluded coves or in vibrant harbors. Or you may choose to create your own nautical adventure. Maybe you’ll choose to go island-hopping around the fabulous Greek islands.

Whether you are seeking a stress-busting break or a life-changing adventure, you can trust that all the boats are featured on their digital platform. They meet all the necessary stringent safety and insurance requirements, standards, and codes for nautical chartering in Greece… or in any location, you might choose.

Why choose them? 

BorrowABoat acts as a global yacht broker so it can offer you the widest choice and the best prices. The simple digital booking system makes the job of choosing your venue and your boat a relaxing pleasure – not a stressful hassle.

Reputable boat broker: BorrowABoat only works with boat owners and charter companies that meet its own strict criteria of eligibility. The aim is always to provide peace of mind for customers considering arranging a boating trip or a simple holiday afloat.

A winning formula: It was launched in 2017 by boat enthusiasts and it has quickly grown. It is now the leading marketplace for borrowing boats in the world. 

Prospective customers are able to browse an online catalog of more than 35,000 boat listings. They cover more than 65 countries. 

These available rental vessels range from a humble English canal narrowboat to a selection of some of the world’s most amazing superyachts, which are often moored in the most exotic tropical harbors.

Your search for a memorable nautical experience may encompass any part of this broad range. Whatever your budget the company’s mission is to make the whole process of boating more accessible for everyone. 

Experience-seekers a safe and easy-to-use system: It aims to increase participation in boating right across the globe and help the boating industry, boat owners, marinas… and all of us who simply want to go boating.