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For many of us, the potential for trying new and exciting cuisine is the most exciting component of going on holiday. Whether we’re indulging in a glass of wine in the French hills or traditional dishes from the street markets in Vietnam, the food we try is the cherry on top of our getaway. 

With so many delicious offerings to choose from, it can be tricky to make your mind up on where to go. Here, we offer inspired ideas for the perfect gastronomic adventure destinations for the food enthusiasts among us. Read on and dig in.

Sicily, Italy 

A gem in the Mediterranean, the food culture on this island is exquisite and based on the civilizations that once ruled. With influences from Arab, Spanish, and Greek settlers, you’ll find heavenly dishes like pasta alla norma, arancini rice balls, and famous treats like cannoli. Other less-known delicacies but equally must-try are sfincione, a fluffy focaccia bread with condiments, and caponata, a seasoned medley of fried vegetables.

Crete, Greece

The Greeks have long mastered the skill of cooking so it’s no surprise that the food in Crete is a must-try. You’ll find traditional dishes like Kaltsounia, a Cretan cheese pie, and Gamopilafo, a flavourful rice dish made from stakovoutiro – specialty butter made from goat’s milk. 

Bordeaux, France 

The perfect spot for the tourist with gastronomic know-how, Bordeaux is a no-brainer. Indulge in lamprey eel, oysters from Arcachon, beef from Bazas, and many more delicious delicacies. Wash it all down with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon made locally.


Vietnam has a strong reputation for flavorsome and exciting cuisine. On your trip, you need to try the national dish, Pho. This is an iconic soup made up of rice noodles, meat, and veggies in a rich broth, often served with a side of fermented fish or chili sauce. You’ll find it served everywhere, from sit-down restaurants to street-corner food carts. 

Puglia, Italy 

Not only is Puglia the perfect beach destination but it also offers plenty of scrumptious grub that you can sink your teeth into. Handmade orecchiette con le cime di rapa is a staple dish to the area – it literally translates to ‘small ears with turnip tops’! You’ll also find some of the most mouth-watering bread around in the region’s many bakeries, particularly the famous Pane di Altamura

Tokyo, Japan 

Home to one of the most famous food markets in the world, Tokyo is known for its culinary delights. Coming in all shapes and sizes, you can enjoy cuisines such as sushi, tsukemen, wagyu beef, and soba noodles. This is all while surrounded by bustling city life, Sakura-tree-lined streets, and otaku culture.