Many people tend to have a skincare routine that they don’t ever want to stray away from. However, when you’re travelling, a routine can soon go out the window and leave you worried about potential breakouts and far from perfect skin glow. 

Fear not, though, as looking after your skin can be done easily – even when you’re travelling. All it will take is a bit of readjusting and we’re here to show you how that can be done in the handy article below. Read on to find out what essential skincare products you should buy and how you can keep your skin looking great whilst you travel the globe and live your best life.

Why a skin routine is important?

Taking care of your skin is a must if you want to keep it looking – and feeling – as smooth as possible. It also has de-aging benefits to ensure you don’t start to look your age any time soon. This is why it comes as no surprise that the UK skincare market was worth just under £2.25 billion at the end of 2021.

There are a lot of elements to keeping your entire face and skin looking their best, which is why some dermatologists recommend having a two to six-step routine to ensure you don’t miss any of the vital ingredients to give your skin the glowing look you desire.

Why is it so hard to keep our skin looking great when we travel? 

So, if it’s so important then why can’t we just keep it up when we go abroad? Well, there are a number of reasons for this with the most common being: 

  • Flying can cause stress on your skin
  • You may be exposed to new weather conditions
  • The food you consume may be unhealthy
  • You forget to drink enough water
  • Not enough time to go through every step in your skincare routine
  • Different soaps and shampoos in your hotel
  • Changes to your sleep schedule

Top tips for making skincare simple when you go travelling

With so many challenges that your skin has to face, you should give the following tips ago and they could help to keep your face gleaming in the sun whilst you’re away: 

  1. Carry a face misting spray to keep your face hydrated. 
  2. Bring your cleanser with you to remove any nasties at the end of the day. 
  3. Keep your moisturizer close and apply it regularly throughout the day to prevent breakouts or other skin issues associated with dryness.
  4. Treat SPF as your best friend! Suncream will stop the sun from burning your skin and causing lasting damage.
  5. Go au natural and avoid make-up where possible. This will let your skin breathe properly in the heat, which can help to stop unwanted breakouts.