With the world (relatively) back to normal, you may be planning a break in 2023 – potentially for the first time in years. From adventure holidays to beach trips, here are a few ideas on what you could do if you are looking for some inspiration. 

Solo Travel

Solo travel looks to be on the rise with almost 10% more people opting for solo holidays post-pandemic. If you want to take some time for yourself, a singles walking holiday could be a great option. From roaming through the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus to walking the length of Hadrian’s Wall or even a self-guided trip in Italy exploring Puglia and Matera, you are sure to find something that takes your fancy.

Solo holidays are a great way to relax and take some time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and to meet other like-minded people if you so choose. Opting for package solo travel means that you don’t have to worry about planning, as all the details will be taken care of by your local travel guide. 

Eco-friendly Trips

Over recent years, the focus on eco-friendly and sustainable living has been on the rise and this is also seen in travel trends for 2023. Many countries around the world implement sustainable and eco-friendly practices to reduce the impact that tourism has on the environment which can include increased pollution and the depletion of natural resources. Iceland is a great option if you want to head somewhere that has sustainability at its core as it is almost entirely powered by geothermal energy. The Azores may be another potential destination as it has been listed among the Green Destinations Global Top 100 regions in the world and is full of gorgeous local wildlife.

Mindfulness Holidays

With the pandemic having a wholly negative effect on the mental health of many, 2023 will see a focus on mind and body wellness in travel. It is suggested that 2 in 5 people are keen to go on a silent retreat next year and many want to use their breaks as a chance to focus on mental health, transformative health or life milestones such as pregnancy or menopause. These mindfulness breaks may also include an aspect of no technology with the aim of reconnecting with the self and the environment.

France seems to be one of the top destinations for wellness and mindfulness tourism due to its tradition of water-based treatments such as thalassotherapy, spas and thermal baths. Greece is also a favourite among those seeking wellness trips due to the abundance of thermal baths and the history surrounding them.

Survivalist Experiences

One trend that seems more sought after than ever is off-grid experiences and holidays which allow people to get back to basics and live with the bare essentials. Although survivalist holidays as a concept are not new, the rising interest in trips like this may reflect anxiety about the times ahead after the recent pandemic and lockdown. It seems that travellers are interested in learning survival skills such as foraging and how to start fires from scratch. 

If this is something that is of interest to you, some of the top destinations for survivalist experiences include the Bear Grylls Survival Academy in Zimbabwe as well as a remote retreat in the Australian outback by survivalist Bob Cooper. Both of these experiences teach you how to survive alone outdoors, from learning how to treat dirty water to foraging and building. 

Virtual Travel

Over 40% of travellers have said that they will turn to virtual reality (VR) in 2023 when choosing their holidays. These interactive images and photos allow viewers to explore the scene in a 360-degree view so every part of the location is captured. VR allows travellers to experience a destination virtually so travellers are likely to be more adventurous in their travel choices as they will be able to get a taste of the place that they are visiting before travelling.

While VR headsets tend to offer the most immersive experiences, there are many that can be simply viewed on any device. One of the top headset experiences has been suggested to be an experience created in partnership with National Geographic which is world-leading in the fields of geography and exploration. The immersive experience allows you to explore an expedition in Antarctica as well as the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu in Peru.

Hopefully this rundown of 2023 trends will inspire you to try something new next year!