If you want to travel to a place full of culture, adventurous places, spirituality, historic value, and engaging people — go to Nepal. Usually most famous for Mount Everest, this Asian country has lots of other things to offer to those uninterested in mountaineering. Let us show you the reasons to visit Nepal and maybe even turn into a frequent visitor of its beautiful natural, cultural, and historic wonders. 

1. Nepal is full of adventures

If you are an adventure lover, Nepal has a lot of options for you. Mountain biking will take you over challenging landscapes, with the most popular being in the Shivapuri National Park. Trekking is another activity that will test your endurance because of the high altitudes and rough terrains. Other adventurous activities include zip-flying, sky diving, water rafting, and bungee jumping, sure to give you an adrenalin rush. 

Animal lovers can go on the Chitwan National Park Safari and see tigers, elephants, rhinos, and some of the 500 bird species living here. Sagarmatha National Park includes two major rivers Dudhokoshi and Bhotekoshi and you can spot endangered animals, like the snow leopard and red panda.

2. Nepali people are friendly and kind

Even though lots of people don’t speak English well or at all, you will still be welcomed with open arms. Most locals are friendly, smiling, and willing to help you if you get lost or are looking for something. When you go to the villages, people will greet you and invite you into their homes, even offering food and drinks. 

Culture and tradition are a big deal in Nepal and are best known through its people. Wherever you go, you will learn something new and be amazed by their hospitality and openness to strangers. They may serve you Dal-Bhat-Tarkari, Nepal’s national dish made with rice and lentils.

3. An ideal destination to discover your inner self

Nepal offers different ways to discover your inner self and de-stress through meditation, leisure walks, and volunteering. One of the most popular options among visitors is various options to volunteering with children and helping Nepal rebuild after the devastation of the 2015 earthquake. If you want to have a tranquil and slow day to recharge, go to the lake by Pokhara or visit the peaceful countryside. 

Changu Narayan temple is among the oldest Hindu temple in the country with Pagoda-styled architecture and magnificent nature, like the Manohara river. It’s dedicated to Lord Vishnu and visitors can find out more about Hinduism and Nepalese beliefs, and participate in festivities.

4. Home to the world’s tallest mountains

Besides Mount Everest, 7 more mountains together make 8 of the 15 highest peaks in the world. This fact makes Nepal one of the favorite spots for trekking in the world, with Mt. Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp trekking being the most popular.

 If you are not into trekking, you can go on a panoramic flight to see the Himalayas from above, especially Everest. All the available trekking routes take you through Nepalese vegetation, by ancient monasteries and villages where you can spend time with locals and take a break.    

5. You can plan a trip to fit your budget

The only expensive thing regarding Nepal may be the travel arrangements, depending on where you are traveling from. Other than that, Nepal is a country that will fit everyone’s budget since it’s inexpensive. Even its luxurious accommodations can be affordable, as well as stores and restaurants. 

You can buy lots of souvenirs in the villages and during festivals, made to depict Nepalese culture. Buying fruits, veggies, and food from street vendors is also a way to save money, as well as to support small businesses. All these things make Nepal ideal for budget-minded travelers, especially those who are into active vacations since trekking and tours won’t make a fortune.

6. This is the birthplace of Lord Buddha

Nepal is where you will find the Pashupatinath and Doleshwor Mahadev shrines, considered among the most sacred by Shiva worshipers. Moreover, the Lord Buddha was born in Nepal, in the gardens of Lumbini village — a pilgrimage site. It’s also an archeological site with remains of Buddhist monasteries and memorial shrines dating back to the 3rd century BC. 

This is the holiest place for Buddhists, but people of all religions come here to enjoy the serenity of the Sacred Garden by the Mayadevi Temple. However, besides this site, you can also visit meditation centers, monasteries, and parks, as well as explore the estate where Buddha grew up as Prince Siddhartha before he left.   

All in all

For some, Nepal may be too far away to consider, while for others it may appear not urban enough. The truth is that the reasons to visit Nepal are not its distance or its cities, but the uniqueness of its people, culture, and landscapes. You may not be able to climb Everest, but Nepal will make sure you feel like you are already on top of the world.