Taking time to relax and recharge is important when you’re an entrepreneur. Between the stressors and the time demands that come with work, it is vital that you prioritize your own wellness, so that you be your best self in the workplace. Going on a vacation to relax, shouldn’t be something that you feel guilty about, so it’s time to take some time off. There are many destination spots around the United States, and you deserve to spend time there—whether you go with friends and family or whether you go by yourself. Here are the ten best destination spots, for entrepreneurs to visit this summer.

Lake Tahoe, California, and Nevada

Located on the borderline of California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America. The view at Lake Tahoe is scenic, and you’ll be captivated by the waterside and the mountains. Summer is a prime time to visit Lake Tahoe because there are activities on the water and in the mountains that are great for entrepreneurs who are looking to relax, by getting in touch with nature. Because summer is the perfect time to get outdoors, a summer vacation in Lake Tahoe will be unforgettable, because there are many opportunities to engage in activities like mountain biking, sunbathing, hiking, watersports, and more. Lake Tahoe is the perfect vacation spot for any entrepreneur who has an interest in thrills and outdoor activities.

Seattle, Washington

Situated in Washington State, Seattle is the home to many attractions, like the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and Pioneer Square. However, visiting Seattle doesn’t have to be an occasion that is filled with visiting tourist attractions, because the weather in Seattle is sunny and warm in the summer, which will allow out-of-town visitors to simply relax on the beach or in the city. Because Seattle is located on the water and near a thriving urban city, you’ll have the best of both worlds in Seattle, because you can travel the city or relax by the water. There are several beaches, in Seattle, like Discovery Park, which spans 550 acres and encompasses the coast, woodlands, and meadows. Plus, you might even see wildlife, at the beaches in Seattle. So, Seattle is the perfect vacation spot for people who are looking for a metropolitan and an outdoor experience.

Anchorage, Alaska

Although it might not seem like Alaska is a place that you would want to frequent during the summer, you’d be surprised at the beautiful sites that Anchorage, Alaska has to offer in the summer. If you’re looking for an eclectic spot to relax this summer, then Anchorage is the spot for you. Because, in the largest city in Alaska, Anchorage will provide you with the ability to hike, look at wildlife, and learn about the history of Alaska, at places like the Anchorage Museum of History and Art. So, if you’re looking to recharge in a place that is quiet and full of beautiful sites, then taking a vacation in Anchorage, Alaska is the place for you.

Oahu, Hawaii

When you think of vacationing, you probably think of Hawaii, and if you travel to Oahu, Hawaii, you won’t be disappointed. Known by the nickname, “The Gathering Place,” Oahu has a reputation for being home to a diverse population and for welcoming a diverse group of tourists. Although there are spots in Oahu that are busier and popular tourist attractions, there are also laidback regions of Oahu, that are perfect for the busy entrepreneur, who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So, between the restaurants, the accommodations, and the views, in Oahu, there is something for everyone. If you’re someone who wants to network with other executives, while also having the opportunity to remove yourself from the chaos of work and everyday life, then visiting Oahu is right for you, because there’s a good mix of quiet and commotion.

New York City, New York

Although many entrepreneurs might work or live in New York City, for those who do not, visiting New York City is a great place to relax, this summer. New York is known for being the epicenter of many fields, but there are also many ways that you can unwind in the city. For example, you could visit art museums, tourist attractions, or the city’s many delicious restaurants. It is important to disconnect from work when you are on vacation, but if you’re tempted to network or get to know other businesspeople if you’re visiting New York City, then you’re sure to be able to make some connections while on vacation. Plus, you’re only a short ride away from the coast where you can go to places like Coney Island. No matter how many times you’ve been to New York, there’s always something new to see, so if you’re looking to visit a city with charm and character, then visiting New York is for you.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a popular place to visit, and it is also the capital of Massachusetts. Between the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the New England Aquarium, the Isabella Gardner Museum, and more, there are many places to visit, in Boston that are historic and rife with information to learn. So, for all the voracious lovers of history, visiting Boston is the perfect spot for you, because there are places like the Freedom Trail and the Boston Tea Party Museum. Or, if you’re a sports-lover, you could visit Fenway Park. Another perk of Boston is that it is situated close to Martha’s Vineyard, so if you’re looking to visit the water and the many attractions in Boston, you’ll be able to do both, on one vacation. So, for anyone who’s looking for a vacation that is filled with museums and more, then visiting Boston is right for you.

Bar Harbor, Maine

In order to recharge, some people need to slip away to a quiet, small town, and if you visit Bar Harbor, Maine, you’ll be situated in a scenic and relaxing place that has a quaint atmosphere. Known for being close to Acadia National Park, in Bar Harbor, you’ll be close to restaurants that serve fresh seafood and small-town shops that are unique to the town. Plus, there are many art galleries and trolly tours, so you’ll be busy and relaxed, in Bar Harbor.

Stowe, Vermont

If you’re looking for a mountainside vacation, then Stowe, Vermont will provide you with views that you won’t forget. Between the town’s iconic, white-spired churches, barns, and ski-trails, Stowe is a small-town with a lot of character. Although you won’t be skiing in the summer, you can visit the Vermont Ski Museum, to learn about the history of skiing in Stowe. Although skiing is a large part of the culture in Stowe, you’ll also find boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, and memorable inns, in Stowe.

Key West, Florida

In Key West, Florida, you’ll find crystal clear, blue water and pearly white sand. With beaches that are incredibly beautiful, you won’t want to leave the Keys, once you visit. There are many opportunities to dive and snorkel, and if boating and fishing are of interest to you, then you can explore the clear waters on a boat. Along with being near the water, Key West is also great, because you’ll be close to the city, which houses many restaurants, bars, and shops. So, if you’re looking for a beachfront vacation spot that is close to metropolitan life, then visiting Key West is right for your vacation.

Moab, Utah

In Moab, Utah, you’ll be surrounded by sandstone and water. So, for anyone who’s looking for a town that is filled with recreational activities, like mountain biking, river rafting, and other outdoor recreational activities, then Moab is the perfect place for you to vacation in. When you’re looking to unwind, and take a break from the demands of work, it is great to visit a town that serves as an escape from everyday life, and Moab is known for its wide-open spaces and for being a place of solitude. So, if you want to check out of city life, and enter into a place that is dominated by nature, then visiting Moab is the right choice.