American brands from the 80’s and 90’s have been resold and considered valuable vintage and are still bought by a good amount of customers who treasure this movement. Over time we continue to see more access to making things ourselves and the “do it yourself” lifestyle becoming a trend globally. A decade ago, most of society made their statements by purchasing  expensive brands, even if they didn’t necessarily enjoy using or wearing such items; the logo at most represented something for everyone. Does clothing and merchant branding signify a part of a movement, revolution, or self-empowerment by causing no harm in wearing a specific piece of clothing? Personal styles, choices, and taste reflect something in the collective working class world. Fashion will always make statements. In every arena of life, most find freedom, others find comfort or meaning in their purchases.

Choosing Value Over Famous Brands

Entrepreneur unboxing clothes from online order
Entrepreneur unboxing clothes from online order

We seemingly are placing more value on self control rather than famous name brands. Personal branding signifies more as many small businesses are growing rapidly due to online engagement. Most people purchase from some form of online merchant. Selling any kind of merchandise to followers and fans has taken over the digital world, while being able to support others through buying their merchandise is also a new form of the way we are showing our gratitude and appreciation in a more neutral setting. Showing how much we care by purchasing from their online stores seems to be the new underlining social norm.

Having an online influence, we still find the importance of dressing for our reputation or future endeavors for most. Developing great positive online habits, personality, and communication style will help your business grow. Where commonality and simplicity are slowly emerging into everyday corporations, we see more thought into all aspects of life and a decline in favoring someone with more financial freedom. Creating organizations and publicly wearing or promoting our online personas and lives we can sense something new in fashion emerging, where quality to feel good while also expressing ourselves in fashion is important.

We are also considering our planet and the hazardous effects on producing so much. Branding goes beyond those animal activists and fur. We want to also make sure our money goes exclusively to brands that help our society, planet, and ecosystems. Nature is taking over as companies seek new forms of what is being made physically. Most owners seem to embrace minimalism in their niche to make quality items that are long-lasting, special, and even handmade. Quality and quantity have to do with our style and self image. For others, it is financial bargains that appeal first to their thought of purchasing or ordering, details for rewards, follow-up, and freebies seem to work for brands while style has to do the niche, aesthetic, or vibe of the way your business appeals to the customer.

Personal Style and Online Interaction

Stylish entrepreneur working remotely
Stylish entrepreneur working remotely

We would assume only public locations would consider the “feeling” of their location, online presence is starting to signify more to customers as most are ordering from home. Setting an ambience to match the style of your product line, services, and websites is now the new recommendation to start any type of brand online. Owners and social media creators also place an importance on daily interaction, sharing information, and a behind the scenes view of their brand can add more personality to the emotional correspondence some customers want to see. Personality can be presented in photography that is important in developing greater sales. Constant surprises can work wonders! Giveaways, live social media content, and collaborations are new ventures younger entrepreneurs seem to be handling well.

Confidence in developing a great online presence can help you present yourself in ways we couldn’t before, being able to prove our work ethic is crucial in a fast paced environment that constantly seems to evolve.

A Reflection of You! How to Say More with Less

Virtual remote work is here to stay. Moving forward with new norms, we find new concepts to display our concepts. By promoting our seriousness or simpleness we continue to demonstrate just how much we care for our businesses. It is beyond looking a specific way or only women caring about these topics. It also applies to grooming and attire. Still showing these minor details presents standards that clothing cannot say. Not being able to show off our full attire, new kicks, or pedicured toes in person, we can still show we care about grooming by dressing for virtual meetings or posting photos of our current status without hesitation. Realness could be transformed into showing our love for healthy habits that bring us a more peaceful state of mind. Providing a humble environment or a luxurious lifestyle is about embracing our life and connecting to our businesses beyond our comfort zone. Traditional classic rules can be turned into great wisdom and add value to embrace all of your customers.

How much value do you place in your personal brand? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.