Walmart and Target have been competing with each other since what feels like the dawn of time. From kitchen supplies to household items to oral care, Walmart and Target have gone head to head and we have been feeding into it. With its latest battle, something I like to call the battle of the clothes, Walmart might have Target beat.

We all know that Target is the most favored when we’re talking about clothing. Everything about Target’s apparel section screams stylish and high-quality, but affordable. Walmart has been trying to match Target’s clothing game for years now by buying different brands that could bump up their style, but they have always come in second, maybe even third place. When it came to affordable and nice clothes, Target always won. But could that be different now?

Walmart just launched its own clothing line called Free Assembly and according to David Brown with Business Wars Daily, “Take That, Target! Walmart Launches Hip Private Label Line,” it’s better than we expected. Their new in-house clothing brand consists of 55 different articles of clothing for men and women. These clothes are meant to be high-quality while keeping Walmart’s reputation for low prices.

With the prices ranging anywhere from $9 to $45, it’s safe to say that Walmart has finally discovered a formula of attack that actually works. Planning on selling their product in 250 stores worldwide as well as online, they hope that they will reach new records in clothing sales. But only you can decide if their new style is fit for you, or if Target’s clothes are just too precious and close to your heart. 

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.