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The pandemic is finally over, and cities and businesses are back on track globally. Women are on their regular shopping spree, and sandal shopping is something no one wants to miss. Whatever the season or the occasion, an extravagant collection of perfect pairs of ladies sandals are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. So, this season there is a real place to go, and you need the right shoes to get there.

So, put your slippers behind the closet, plan a photo-worthy picnic with your friends, and buy these suave sandals in advance. Here are some of the favorite trends of sandals in 2022. Over the past year, we’ve seen the coolest and most beautiful styles, from various categories of high-heeled and flat-shaped ladies sandals with chunky chain details to cozy slippers. Some of them are:

  1. Flip Flop Sandals – High-heeled flip flop sandals are seasonally popular among celebrities, girls, and street style stars. But this season, flip-flops have evolved into more minimalist accessories in ultra-slim, flat, or near-flat styles. This year, from chic brown leather straps with thoughtful contrast stitching in a minimalist color palette to thicker, more comfortable base models, timeless silhouettes give you a fashionable and comfortable return.
  2. Leather lace-up sandals – If you’re looking for something classic with a romantic twist, consider these simple neutral compliments, barely leather sandals. These provide a lighter grip with the laced-up styles that wrap your ankles and expose your feet and are extremely popular among minimalists. You can add a touch of elegance to your outfit by relying on a pair of branded, colorful, yet chic ladies’ sandals this year.
  3. Mules – This summer is certainly celebrating its resurrection with fun and fantastic fashion. And there is no better way to indulge in a quirky and vibrant style than using accessories that add color doses. Some of our favorite heel sandal silhouettes, just like the mens sandals, come this season in bright shades that smile at your face. You can choose from lemon-colored squeeze slippers, bubble-gum pink platforms, and icy turquoise knit wedges to enjoy at that long-awaited evening party or a formal get-together with friends and family.
  4. Platforms – Platform sandals are becoming a retro look this season, many of which come in bright colors with thick wooden soles that bring us back to the ’70s. Of course, you can always combine the two trends into one and promote it to a super strap using the wrap-up option described earlier.
  5. Chain linked sandals – Chain links will appear this season as small or oversized decorations that blend into the overall mood of the shoe or add amazing elements like pretty anklets. Heels, flats, and platforms all get chain-link upgrades, but now you will see more woven appliqués and braided details. Open your arms and welcome the prolific and enticing pair of heels that every woman will fall in love with instantly!
  6. Strapped sandals – It’s no exaggeration to say that slippers, loafers working from home, or sandals inspired by slippers have become a staple of shoe repertoire over the past year. Strapped ladies’ sandals are popular, and the fresh, modern take of the classic double-strap slip-on gives the casual style a stylish glow. The classic sandal repeats include a contrasting canvas version, modern woven leather, and decorative straps. This proves that the infamous comfortable and ergonomic shoes are now fashion items.
  7. Wrap-ups – Wrap-up sandals are back. Enjoy luxury with the stiletto version, along with added details such as feathers and metallic luster when you’re out at night, or keep it casual in a flat gladiator style. If you need something in between, you can find many wraparound sandals on the market. The heel is made of thick wood and gives a feeling of height.
  8. Clogs – The irresistibly chic wooden clogs are back in trend this season. It has playful colors and cool textures like denim and raffia that perfectly match the clogs’ wooden soles and buckled straps. There is a pair for each personality so that everyone can be happy and stylish with a pair this summer.
  9. Puff leather or padded leather sandals – Even if you use this flashy version of the trend, choose a stiletto heel with an eye-catching bulky upper or want to slide straight to the higher take of flat floaters. You will stand out in this next level of style.
  10. Slingbacks – These ladies’ sandals cover your feet thanks to several well-placed straps that provide a considerable solution to unpolished toes, but your feet are still the best of the summer. You can choose a minimalist and sophisticated design, or you can see decorations that accentuate the shoe’s shape, and thanks to its vertical straps, you can even stretch the look of your foot.


Cute and chic sandals are a perennial favorite in all-weather months, whether you’re jazzing up in sundresses or sticking to subtle bike shorts or button-downs. On-point shoes are a must-see, as your calendar should be filled with long-forgotten seasonal activities-and, there are styles to choose from. Women are always in love with chunky moments wearing those iconic platform ladies’sandals.