In this new and exciting digital age, it’s easier to find people who are passionate about the same things we are. Forming connections across countries and continents has become as normal as going to the grocery store.

Recently GREY connected with Jared (@itsmichaeljared), an artist, Instagrammer, and blogger whose bold monochromatic aesthetic makes his feed stand out immediately even to the casual scroller.

Images by @itsmichaeljared
Images by @itsmichaeljared

As fellow lovers of a strong black and white image, we were excited to reach out to him and form a connection. After sending him a bottle of our product and collaborating on some successful promotion (including an awesome product video) we can easily tell why his Instagram and blog are quickly growing in popularity.

Jared writes about a variety of subjects, giving each a well thought and written consideration. With topics ranging from the effects of hypermasculinity on the LGBT community to fitness to design, it’s clear that he has a strong point of view. His posts have a way of educating readers about a point while providing a surprisingly intimate view into his own life.

As someone who has a variety of passions and a multi-disciplinary artistic practice, Jared fits right in with the GREY club and we’re excited to see where he goes next.

You can see Jared’s product video here.

Make sure you check out Jared’s blog and Instagram for more awesome content.