You already know that Canadian TV personality and Queer Eye’s food expert, Antoni Porowski, keeps it hot in the kitchen, but did you know that his closet sizzles, too?

Antoni Porowski of Queer Eye
Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski. Photo Courtesy of Luke Fontana

Queer Eye’s resident food and wine expert has a lot to celebrate this year with a new cookbook and the show’s season 3 return on Netflix launching tonight. Expect to see plenty more of Antoni and his signature style as he makes the rounds promoting both his book and the show. In the meantime, explore some of GREY’s favorite iconic Antoni Porowski looks.

When Horny Met Sexy

Antoni Porowski in bed
Photo Courtesy of People Magazine
Antoni Porowski standing in underwear
Photo Courtesy of Page.Six

The basics still matter and what your mother said is true about having on your best underwear at all times. Whether inside or outdoors, the classic look of a man in his underwear with or without a T-shirt is still a thrill and a very tasty sight to behold. Notice he’s wearing Hanes brand boxer briefs. Who knew your old standby could look so good and wear so well?!

Classic Bad Boy Gets A New Twist

Antoni Porowski in black leather jacket
Photo Courtesy of GQ

James Dean’s iconic bad boy style remains the standard for bad ass guys everywhere. His classic 1950’s leather jacket, blue jeans and white tee are closet staples for rebel — with or without a cause.

These pieces are considered classic because they can be worn together or switched up to create a combination of unique looks that, if styled just right, can make a basic closet look like a couture de force.

Here, Antoni’s full-on all black jacket, jeans and tee ensemble, accentuated by the colorful T-shirt design, makes this look a favorite because it’s not so much bad boy as it is hot boy. And we like it. But, if you still crave the James Dean inspired look, Antoni does a great service to the original as well.

Antoni Porowski in black leather jacket and jeans
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Supermodel Cool

Antoni Porowski in satin jacket
Photo Courtesy of Pics We Love
Antoni Porowski in jacket
Photo Courtesy of GQ

Once again, Antoni in classic black is our favorite look. Here, we see a look that goes from day casual to happy hour to cocktail party to midnight rendezvous. The satin lapels on this jacket solidifies the look and gives this entire outfit a runway flair. Put this on the morning of “Casual Friday” and you are ready for whatever the day (and night) brings.

Today’s Special

Antoni Porowski standing in kitchen
Photo Courtesy of Zimbio
Antoni Porowski holding cocktail
Photo Courtesy of My Domains

Just because you are the one doing the cooking in the kitchen doesn’t mean you, too, can’t be on the menu. These looks are perfect for cooking a hearty meal to share by a fireside in the last days of winter or for a light meal and drinks on the veranda in spring. Both are casual, cool and a lot of fun!

The Heartbreaker

Antoni Porowski with dog on his shoulder
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

The only kind of fur that looks cool on a man is his dog! Our final favorite Antoni Porowski look is this black and white floral shirt over white jeans. Comfortable and casually chic. How can anyone resist when you bring them furs, flowers and you?

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