As we kick off No-Shave November, men everywhere are starting to get a little hairy. No-Shave November encourages men to stop shaving in order to raise awareness for the brave souls who lose their hair in the battle with cancer. Of course, maintaining a beard takes effort and those of us with strict dress code policies need to look presentable for work. Even if you decide to let your beard grow all year round, we could all use some beard grooming tips. Here’s everything you need to know about maintaining your beard.

What You Need

Beard Oil

Beardbrand beard oil
Beardbrand Beard Oil

Beard oil is recommended for the beginning stages of growing a beard. Oil absorbs into beards quickly and moisturizes skin. This helps your beard grow much healthier and reduce itchiness. Beards groomed with oil will produce a matte finish versus a shiny one. If you need to keep your beard short and trim for work, beard oil is your best option.

Beard Balm

Mountaineer Brand Beard Balm
Mountaineer Brand Bear Balm

Beard balm is similar to beard oil, but produces different results. Because beard balm is thicker, it takes much longer to absorb into the hair than oil. As a result, your beard will appear much glossier. Beard balm is best for longer bushy beards and better for people with drier skin. The viscosity of the balm is also helpful in shaping a beard.

Beard Brush

Boar hair brush
J&L Pogonotrophics Bamboo and Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Plastic combs cause static and can tangle your hair. You want to avoid them at all costs. Wooden combs work well, but for the best results, you want a horsehair brush. Horsehair gets deep into beards and straightens out hair shafts without pulling on the roots. As an alternative, boar bristle works just as well as horsehair. You can find these brushes and other beard grooming products from the folks over at J&L Pogonotrophics.

How to Apply

If you’re using beard oil, place two to three drops on your palm. For beard balm, scoop out nothing bigger than a dime. Rub your hands together until the product is evenly spread, then run through your beard. Start from the roots and pull outwards. By working the roots first, you’re ensuring the hair shafts will follow suit. Run your brush gently through, also starting from the roots, until the follicles are straightened. Brush your beard until you reach your desired shape.

For a quick demonstration on how to apply beard oil the right way versus the wrong way, check out the video below.

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