We all have it in us.

It is more unique than our own beating hearts. In fact, it is intertwined with our heart’s deepest desires and beats to the very drum of it. It feeds on our passions. It motivates our actions. It inspires us to innovate our incredible ideas.

It will drive us to create some of our most groundbreaking work. It silently weeds out the unmotivated from the ambitious. The act of creating is easy. However, to create something lasting, something that is bigger than ourselves? That is uncharted territory.

Sometimes, it is about changing the world. Other times it’s about changing your own world.

Founders, discover what you’re made of. Discover it with our Founders Edition collection. Inspire others to follow your lead. Feeding this movement is crucial. Keep it alive as skillfully as you have nurtured your dreams and passions.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.