This year there have been a few menswear collections that have had a clear focus on the texture of their clothes. Berluti is one of those fashion brands. From buttery leather to elegant knitwear it’s clear that Berluti is intent on creating a sensorial delight for their customers.




First, let’s take a look at Berluti’s Fall collection. Looks were kept to a mostly neutral color palette with pops of blue and green. The rich browns and creamy whites were so luxurious to look at, one can only imagine the experience of wearing them.

Belruti Fall Collection Mens Fashion style leather jacket coat
Belruti Fall Collection



Belruti Fall Collection Fashion Style Leather Coat Jacket Silk
Belruti Fall Collection

The outfits showcased a brilliant mix of materials with sleek leather pieces paired with fur and corduroy. The inherent softness of it all made the clothes seem like the kind of items you’d want to wrap yourself in and never take off.


Belruti Fall Collection Fashion Style luxury leather coat fur corduroy
Belruti Fall Collection

In particular, the look with the long hazelnut leather coat lined with fur, and a blue corduroy shirt and pant stood out. The coat goes to a little below the knee and has three noticeable horizontal seam lines spaced evenly down it.

This is obviously an intentional decision as it seems to not only emphasize the waist but adds to the inherent texture of the piece as well. The rich imperial blue of the shirt and pants has a subtle sheen that creates an aura of lavish comfort.



The love for leather carried over to Berluti’s Spring collection where leather jackets (mostly in black this time) were used as luxe companion pieces to more breathable options. This collection embraced lighter colors as well with various tints of egg yolk yellow, faded blues and greens, and smooth whites.

The inclusion of track pants gave the collection a sporty undercurrent as the luxuriant textures and phenomenal cuts elevated the looks to Berluti’s trademark expensive taste.

Belruti Spring Collection Fashion Style Leather Luxury Silk Linen
Belruti Spring Collection



Belruti Spring Collection Fashion Style Leather Silk Linen Jacket Coat Luxury
Belruti Spring Collection

For me, the stand-out look from this collection was the one you see below. With its army green and black jacket (and matching bag), pressed grey pants, and dark silky top, it creates an effect that knocks you off your feet a little.


Belruti Spring Collection Fashion Style Jacket Coat Luxury Bomber Jacket Leather Linen Silk Trouser
Belruti Spring Collection

The way the pant is allowed to crumple as it reaches the ankle not only highlights the piece’s inherent movement but creates a sense of elegant ease as well. When contrasted with the stiffness of the jacket it hits the balance of serious and soft perfectly.


A Luxurious Vision

Berluti is a notoriously high end and its most recent collections were no exception. Their looks cater to those of us who want to look completely at ease in a world of sophisticated luxury. Make no mistake, these pieces are priced beyond the average shopper’s reach, but the fantasy of relatable lavishness makes them so very entrancing.

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