Calling all fashion enthusiasts! It’s that time of year again where new fashion trends come out and fashion sites present what’s currently in style for each season. Since summer is coming up, fashion sites such as Vogue, Marie Claire, and many others have started to create their own lists of fashion trends we’ll be seeing this summer. Even though we’re leaving the spring trends behind, we’re moving towards the future of fashion as more trends are starting to be shown within retailers. And while there are many more trends being created and used that are not on this list, we at GREY Journal decided to pick the trends we think are both practical and style-worthy. Here are our picks for fashion trends that you should try this summer:

Bomber Jackets

Entrepreneur wearing a bomber jacket

Bomber jackets are making a return to the fashion scene for summer 2023. As the minimalist jacket is usually not around for summer, it is making a big comeback as many high fashion brands like Gucci, Prada, Hermes, and others are presenting it in their fashion shows. With the bomber jacket, you’re able to wear it with pretty much anything. Whether it’s a top and pants, a top and jeans, or even a top with shorts, the bomber jacket is able to turn a simple look into an outstanding outfit, making it all the more stylish than it already is.

Hawaiian Shirts

The Hawaiian shirt, a classic within fashion in general has become a big staple in your wardrobe for summer 2023. Thanks to celebrities like David Beckham, the classic Hawaiian shirt is making a comeback just in time for the long days and warm nights. Although a Hawaiian shirt can be classified as a tropical shirt, the shirt overall helps create an ambiance with your wardrobe that brings you right into the feeling of summer. With the styling of the classic Hawaiian shirt, it can be best styled with shorts, creating a cool look just in time for your trip to the beach or cookout with your friends. If there’s any trend that should be followed on here, the Hawaiian shirt is a must as it best exemplifies the essence of summer in a piece of clothing.

Strappy Silhouettes

Entrepreneur wearing a strappy shirt

Strappy silhouettes within fashion is on its way to become the next big thing. Although the style of straps in fashion is not new, the use of the strap being placed in other areas on clothing creates detail to add something extra. The strappy silhouette outfit is mostly only seen on dresses but are starting to branch out into t-shirts and skirts as well. From the runway to retailers, strappy silhouettes are showing the versatility of the trend as it can be dressed up or dressed down. Although the strappy silhouette trend is just getting started, the style is already showing up everywhere, making this trend the one to follow this summer.   

Mini Skirts

Entrepreneur wearing a miniskirt

Skirts for this summer are becoming bigger, better, and shorter. Miniskirts have been all the rage within the past few years but this summer has started to see a big increase with skirt in general. With miniskirts, you only have the option of wearing it with a top of your choice, whether it be fitted, relaxed, or cropped, along with the option of a jacket. The mini skirt allows you to show off your dressier side while you’re out in the world living your best life along with your stylish wardrobe.

While we still are days away from summer, we can still expect to see these trends pop up more as the season comes. And while we know you may not participate in all of the current trends, you may find one or two things on this list to incorporate into your own wardrobe. And if you do find any of these trends in your local retailer store, don’t be shy to try new things and branch out your fashion taste. It’s only This summer will come to serve as possibly one of the best seasons for fashion and ultimately continue to inspire more trends for the rest of the year.

Which trends will you wear this summer? Let us know in the comments.

This article originally posted on GREY Journal.