With the cold weather of winter chilling us to the bones we’re all on the look out for ways to stay warm. But who says you have to abandon style for comfort? You just need to look at Instagram to see that dipping temperatures are just another opportunity to diversify your wardrobe. Here’s some popular mens style trends for this winter:


The turtleneck has made a come back this season and became a key piece in many people’s wardrobe. It naturally evokes sophistication and has become the banner look of the intellectual. In these colder temperatures, it also has the added benefit of shielding the neck from any chilly winds. When paired with the right clothing it can take on a distinctly classy vibe as demonstrated by these instagrammers:

Long Coats

The use of a longer coat (a coat that extends below the thigh) has many style and function benefits. The length of the piece allows for it to sway and move with the movement of the body. This can also emphasize a slimmer figure and add an air of grace to everyday movement. To continue, these coats can be layered easily and work well with multiple styles of dress. Lastly, the length can shield more of your body from the cold on windy days.

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Greetings from Tokyo with @shigeostyle1947

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Another great camel coat look by @sebastianstyless

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Denim Jackets

While this material may not be the best choice for temperatures below zero, it can be the perfect choice of wardrobe as winter transitions into spring. Denim jackets can take on different personas depending on the design and who’s wearing it. While some may choose to customize their jackets with patches, paint, and embroidery – others may prefer something more tailored and slick. Either way, it’s a piece of clothing that has diversity and range, which makes it valuable to any man.

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Denim jackets, cool shades, and forest vibes. ?

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Bomber Jackets

The bomber jacket has been popular for the last few years and having one in your closit will probably serve you well for seasons to come. With the history of its design being rooted in military style, this jacket has a natural air of toughness. Pairing it with the right pieces will make the wearer one of the coolest people in the room.

Bundle Up In Style

As the cold fronts sweep through the US we can expect to be embracing the layered look for a while longer. Luckily we have many style options to work around the constraints of cold weather.

What are your experiences with cold weather style? Do you have any tips for the rest of us? Let us know in the comments below or on social media.

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