In your quest for fashion and lifestyle advice, don’t be surprised if you come across Timothy Kelly (@its_timmy). As an accomplished Instagram influencer, avid blogger, and GREY Club member, it’s clear that this fashion aficionado knows what he’s talking about. With an Instagram page full of well composed, impeccably styled images and a blog featuring his elevated taste it’s hard not to be drawn in.

Color and Mood

Timothy’s photographs often feature a contemplative and cool mood leaving the viewer wishing they were there. The images tend to tell a story of relaxation and ease (all while looking good of course) and make use of a kind of languid posing that creates an air of authenticity.

These types of pictures can be incredibly refreshing for people who are bombarded with bright, highly saturated fashion blogs whose content exhausts you after a few posts. In contrast, Timothy’s images create a calm and collected environment that lulls you into scrolling through 20 at a time. In many ways, it’s like looking into someone else’s daydream.

The Best of the Bloggers

His blog itself provides a fascinating insight into everything from Timothy’s daily skincare regimen to his travels. In particular, his pictures from New York Fashion Week will leave you a little envious of his closet. The site itself has a clean design that fits right in with the rest of his aesthetic.

Timothy Kelly on day 2 of NYFW
Timothy Kelly on day 2 of NYFW – Image by @its_timmy


Make sure to follow Timothy’s Instagram and blog for more of his awesome content.

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