Are you an expectant mother looking forward to enjoying this period of your life to the fullest? Then dressing up in the best manner will be an integral part of your pregnancy. Isn’t it? Pregnancy fashion is all about being comfortable yet chic to ensure you look fabulous while growing a human being. And this includes finding the best maternity wear to show off your baby bump in a comfortable manner. Here are your choices if you are wondering what the best maternity clothes are to flaunt your baby bump without worrying about discomfort or itching on the belly.

Wear striped clothes

Stripe maternity dresses, tops, and evening gowns are a thing because they work. Firstly, they are comfortable. Next, accentuates the baby bump well while showing off your curves. 

Ripped fabrics or jerseys with stripe patterns are always a great addition to your wardrobe. And maternity dresses with stripe patterns are in trend, so be part of the trend yourself.

Cardigan with maternity dress

Looking for a perfect maternity outfit this fall? Then start by picking a soft-knit dress whose hemline touches your knee. This maternity dress touches your baby bump, flaunting it without restricting your movements. To top the dress, use a long sweater or cardigan. It should match the dress’s length to ensure the silhouette is lean and long. Finally, complement the look with a slip-on for comfort and style.

Maternity jeans

Do you enjoy wearing jeans and refuse to give them up? You don’t have to, as you can enjoy wearing jeans even after the fifth month with the help of maternity jeans. They come with a grip, allowing you to wear jeans comfortably throughout the pregnancy. You can wear it even later when the baby comes and the bump has yet to shrink. Maternity jeans pair well with kurtas, tops, and comfy t-shirts. They are perfect for busy moms, running here and there to run errands or work during pregnancy.


Did you see global celebrity Kareena Kapoor Khan rocking a kaftan throughout her pregnancy? You have probably seen her in the news for being the most fashionable expecting mother in town. So take pregnancy dressing cues from her and add a kaftan to your wardrobe. A kaftan is a type of robe or tunic that originated in Asia. It is comfortable and comes in wide varieties, like a coverup for beach wear. However, buy a long kaftan for pregnancy wear to look stylish and comfortable. It also accentuates your baby bump without focusing too much on it.

Maternity leggings

Maternity leggings are the best-kept secret for pregnant mommies, and every expectant mother should wear them. It provides comfort as your bump grows, but styling it is so versatile that your fashion game is always on point. Use them under a tunic or pair them with a long top, a flowy top, or a blouse and run errands, go for prenatal yoga, or even catch up with friends.


Trust the fashion experts because overalls are not just for your young ones.

Pregnant mommies can look their best while wearing overalls in neutral colors. It is comfortable yet chic, making you look warm and happy.

Leave the jacket open.

Stepping out for a brunch date with your friends and looking for comfy maternity wear?

Then try an outfit that uses a fitted yet comfortable maternity dress. Pair it with a jacket (leather or wool, depending on the weather), and leave it open.

This way, it will look stylish (however, your bump will not let you close the buttons).

Wear long tops

Long tops that flaunt your baby bump without needing to pull them down every few seconds are the way to go with your maternity wear. Pair with maternity leggings or jeans, some comfortable shoes or slip-on, neutral makeup, and open hair. All this, and you are ready to rock the day with your fashion choices.

These nine months are stressful, yet they are the best period for all women. They want to enjoy it fully, work comfortably, and move around non-stop to have an active pregnancy and baby. It includes wearing the best maternity clothes to show off the baby bump and feel cozy and comfortable.