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Now more than ever individuals – especially millennials – are trading their office environments to work remotely from different parts of the world. Having a laptop and WiFi connection supports professionals as they blend work and pleasure from places of their choosing. The thought of being able to work from the sandy beaches of a distant island or a trendy cafe in a foreign country is enough to pique an adventurer’s interest.

Today, nearly 10.2M Americans refer to themselves as digital nomads. These individuals travel and explore the world while working. That number is expected to rise, especially among women. A  study conducted by Upwork finds 22% of the American workforce will be remote by 2025.

Many digital nomads freelance for multiple companies. Others choose to run their own businesses while working abroad. Some digital nomads work as employees for a company. Regardless of their profession or background, their passion for travel and adventure is shared among them.

Looking Stylish on the Go

Traveling afar to work in a different place can be exciting. One challenge you may face is how to dress stylishly when you may not have ready access to your entire wardrobe. Factors such as the weather, cultural norms of the country you are in, and office dress code may impact what you bring along. So what does a style-conscious digital nomad take with them to jaunt around the globe? Here are a few tips to keep you looking stylish wherever your travels lead you.

Style Tip 1: Bring Chic Gear

Taking along compact luggage to carry your belongings can help you achieve your style goals during your journey. Before considering what to pack, first give some thought to what you will use to put your items in while you are traveling.

Digital nomads naturally tend to transition to a minimalist lifestyle, opting to downsize in preparation to travel to different places. Consider bringing along a sleek backpack or carry-on suitcase is the way to go if you want to bring a few key belongings without being bogged down by overpacking. If you decide to take a carry-on suitcase with you, try one with wheels on it to help you travel and navigate your surroundings with added ease.

Style Tip 2: Pack Versatile Clothing Pieces 

The key to looking stylish as a digital nomad is to dress in layers. Bringing items that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of different looks is your best bet. Whether you are leading a business meeting via Zoom or touring a new town by foot, having a few items to look stylish no matter the occasion is key. A white shirt, denim trousers in a dark wash, and dark color slacks are great options to bring along with you.

A few pieces of outwear can also help take your outfits up a notch. You can bring along a moto jacket, blazer, and cardigan. A wrap dress is also a great option and is generally flattering on any body type. If you exercise, don’t forget to bring some workout gear along with you.  

Style Tip 3: Incorporate Accessories

Wearing accessories with your outfits can work wonders to personalize your clothing options. What accessories are great to bring along? Having a few shoes – ranging from sporty to dressy styles –  are great to bring along with you. Women may opt to bring dressy heels, sneakers, and flat ballets. Also, headwraps, headbands, and hats can instantly give your wardrobe added flair. Simple pieces such as a watch, earrings, and belt can help put a finishing touch on your look. Scarfs are a great option too as they provide warmth and add a bit of flare to your attire.


Having luggage, clothing items, and accessories that suit your personality and lifestyle can help you look stylish when you are traveling abroad. Do you want one-on-one coaching to take your style to the next level? If so, you can request a styling session with Aprile by sending an email to Check out Aprile’s website and YouTube channel for more of her style tips.