As a woman, there are certain wardrobe essentials you have to have in your closet. The go-to items that help you put together most of your outfits always come in handy. This article breaks down six essential wardrobe pieces every woman should have so that creating outfits daily is a breeze. 

1. Layered Tank Tops 

As a base layer, your tank tops can act as undershirts for any outfit you want. A black tank top can be the undershirt for the days you dress like a boss. Understanding how to pair your tank tops becomes a lot easier once you realize that they go with EVERYTHING. Stock up on tank tops in neutral colors to coordinate your outfits with matching colors.

2. Comfortable Work Shoes

A collection of shoes that you can wear to work is a must! Make sure you have a collection of the best womens flats and dress shoes for your days in the office. The best workwear shoes are those that are sophisticated but still comfortable. You don’t need to wear heels at the workplace, and instead, opt for comfortable shoes that support your feet throughout the day. 

3. Blue Denim Jeans

Jeans are a staple, and they have been for quite some time. Make sure you have a collection of jeans in your closet that you enjoy wearing that fit you comfortably. Your go-to casual pair of pants is most likely your blue denim jeans. 

For more denim variety, look for jeans in different cuts or styles to create unique looks every time. For example, get skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, cropped jeans, and straight-leg jeans as a collection of different kinds of jeans that you can wear and create unique outfits with. 

4. A Casual Jacket

For any outfit, complete your look with a casual jacket. If you prefer denim, leather, suede, or an alternative fabric, it’s all good as long as it’s a color that matches your outfit. Look for jackets in neutral shades so that your jacket works with any outfit you put together. 

A casual jacket should keep you warm but be lightweight enough for warmer days. Cropped jackets are another option for a casual jacket that pairs with any outfit. Although the most common style of cropped jackets is denim, you can find cropped jackets in other fabrics if you shop carefully. 

5. A Black Dress 

For formal attire, there is nothing more flattering than a black dress. Black dresses come in handy for tons of occasions. Wear your black dress as date night attire to attend a funeral or to that work event next week. You can get a lot of use out of one black dress, so make sure you pick the right one! Choose breathable fabrics like cotton, so your dress is comfortable, no matter the weather. 

6. Super Cozy Sweatpants 

For the days you need to lounge, you’ll want your favorite pair of super cozy sweatpants nearby. Sweatpants are great for days at home, when you want to get some housework done, or even yard work when the weather permits. As long as the sweatpants you get are flexible and stretchy, you can wear them for practically any leisurely activity you enjoy. And we probably don’t have to tell you they’re great for working out too!

Put Together The Outfits You Need Each Day 

Consider the above six essential pieces for your closet. Every woman needs at least one of these items for a wardrobe that can accomplish the kind of go-to outfits put together daily.