Online shopping is considered one of the biggest reasons why people like using the internet in the first place. From shopping at our favorite stores to getting the basic necessities, we as consumers are able to go online and shop for what we want from the comfort of our own homes. But what if we’re able to discover the next big fashion brand right from the internet? That’s exactly what Depop can do. Created as an app that lets you sell clothing, you’re able to see rare and unique items from people around the world as they grow their brand. Here’s how consumers are transforming into the next big designers, one piece of clothing at a time.

What is Depop?

Screenshots showing how Depop app works

You might now be wondering, what is Depop? Well, Depop is an app that not only lets you sell clothes, but is a marketplace where people come to also buy and discover unique clothing. You start by taking a photo of a piece of clothing you want to sell, fill in the details (size, color, brand, pattern, etc.) and post it. It may take a bit before you start seeing buyers, but once you get them, it’s hard to lose them. Giving the designer confidence about their pieces help them sell more on the app and thus get their name out there.

How the Depop app is creating the next big designer

Entrepreneurs walking and checking out clothes

While there are many ways to get your brand out to the world, joining Depop can help expand your brand to a specific demographic (while the demographic isn’t mentioned within the app, research shows that those ages 20-29 are the biggest users). Knowing this explains which target demographic brands are selling to. Users then help create communities for the brand and contribute towards the transformation of the world of fashion. The slogan “Be part of the community that’s transforming fashion one item at a time” best describes the creative space that Depop actively looks for in designers. The app lets you discover brands that are making waves and celebrate the creators behind them. This makes it accessible for creators to move up in the world of fashion and make a name for themselves.

Being discovered is huge for those wanting to get involved in the fashion industry. While it is unheard of to be discovered on an app like Depop, it is possible for it to happen. Bella Mcfadden is a good example of this as she became the first person to earn over $1 million dollars alone just from selling clothes from her brand. She has currently sold over 40,000 items of clothing sourcing from thrift stores, deadstock suppliers, and clothes she’s designed and manufactured herself. Using the app does give them opportunities to show their fashion without going through traditional routes. Before Depop, it was harder for those wanting to get into the fashion industry as either schooling, working, or networking got in the way of their dreams of being a designer. Now the average person can live their fashion dreams due to apps like Depop, Posh Mark, and The RealReal to name a few. Being able to become a fashion designer was simply an unattainable dream for most people. Now it can become a reality all thanks to social media.

Consumers today are reshaping fashion for our generation thanks to Depop. We’re able to create clothing that’s not only trendy, but is responsible for discovering the next big fashion designer. Giving these opportunities to people all around the world lets us as consumers see what those who are creating and selling their own style are contributing to the fashion world at large. This ultimately helps them get discovered and, whether it’s a big name brand or a smaller creator, they are able to do what they love as their long-term career. So get on Depop today, you just might find the next big fashion designer.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.