All around us are hardworking individuals who are striving to defy expectations and move humankind forward. Inspired by these nonconformists, entrepreneurs and disruptors, GREY tells their stories through fashion.

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Since 2016, GREY has embarked into this uncharted territory. All who dare to share the journey are welcome. Collaborating with their style team, GREY works with influencers across the globe to encourage their brand. Not only does GREY want to amplify these creators, but they hope to inspire others to rise to the occasion. It is their goal to empower as many people as possible people to start their own journey in an expanding entrepreneurial world. GREY Style has no doubts that this movement will only expand and grow further.

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Created with a young, driven, and diverse collective in mind, GREY Style dedicates themselves to staying current and bold. At GREY, fashion is more than just the clothes on a person’s back. Fashion is about the person’s back it is on.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.