Putting together a living room with designs, colors, and aesthetics that show off detail, personality, and fun is vital to a home’s character. If you’re looking for new interior design ideas to enhance your living space’s overall feel and look, these creative ideas are excellent for your room’s upgrade.

5 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Living Room

1. Area Rugs

Bring attention to the floor of your living room with a beautifully designed rug. Area rugs are the perfect addition to a cement or spacious floor area, like under the coffee table and sofa. From fine art to modern to classic designs, colors, and styles, you can add a splash of fun to your room’s aesthetics with an area rug.

From soft shag to knotted fringe to basket weave carpet, the designs and colors for your living room rug are endless. If you love delft blue china, add a delft blue rug to the living space or a sunset-colored floral design for a boho-style theme. Contrasting colors like black and white paired with abstract designs bring an artistic look to the room. Bring out bold colors with a brightly colored rug to accent softer colors in the room.

2. Bring Color To Your Couch

Sofas are great places for people to sit and relax. Sofa accessories come in all shapes, sizes, designs, and textures. Add accent colors and designs to your couches with a throw blanket and pillows. Bold-colored pillows are great to offset neutral tones in the living space. Customize your new throw blanket to show off a personal look in the room.

Drape the throw blanket over the back of the sofa and position the pillows to encourage people to immediately see and talk about your display of colors and patterns. In addition to gaining attention, you will have a little extra relaxation when snuggling up with the soft blanket and laying your head on the pillow for an evening of TV and rest.

3. Auxiliary Lighting

You can always use extra light in a room. Even if you have a lot of windows with natural light, artificial lighting styles can bring a different element to the room’s appearance. Designer floor lamps are an excellent way to accent ceiling or natural lighting. With it having the ability to be more of an area light, you can move it to your preferred location within the room.

Accessorize your living space with colorful neon signs as a fun way to express creative messages and designs. Add a splash of bright blue, green, yellow, and red with a custom light-up sign in your living room. The sign will bring an exciting display to the room while adding some auxiliary lighting.

4. Shelves and Cabinets

If you enjoy displaying figurines, books, or other shelving items, natural wood shelves are a sustainable trend that brings mother nature right into your home’s living room. Metal shelves with white wood are also a modern interior design idea that will accentuate the look of your adorned items. 

From natural wood to stone-top, you can find various styles of shelves and cabinets to complement your room’s design. Cabinets with glass doors keep items clean and free from damage and are lovely to have along the walls of your living room. Cabinets with lighting showcase your valuable collectibles with a brilliant glow. Share your wine collection, figurines, sports memorabilia, and more when you add decorative shelves to your living room’s decor.

5. Coffee Table Accessories

Side tables are great places to add unique items, such as small photo books or music boxes. Share your heart through photos with a book that illustrates your passions or family, like nature or a particular vacation destination. Photo frames and books quickly catch glimpses as they display your favorite pictures.

Music boxes allow you to share your favorite tune in a uniquely creative box. Find the perfect design for your music box, from vintage roses to miniature piano and bench music boxes, and pair it with your memorable song to listen to any time in the living room.

Create Your Personalized Living Room Today

Bring in some personal style and flair as you decorate your living room to enjoy for years. Whether you add a rug, music box, photos, neon lighting, or modern shelving, you will love your living room’s new and enhanced look. Start shopping today and find fun and exciting decor for your living room.