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Precious gems have always captivated humankind, especially diamonds. Their alluring beauty and rarity gave them mystical powers. Since their discovery around 3500 BC, people associated diamonds with affection, divine power, and wealth.

In ancient Egypt, diamonds represented life; they were the heart of the ankh; the key to life. Back then, Egyptians used to wear the engagement ring on the fourth finger of their left hand; it’s because they believed there was a “vein of love” that ran directly to the heart. It symbolized everlasting love that will not end by death, and that tradition carried on till our present day.

In Middle Ages Europe, people thought diamonds had healing power, whether to heal illnesses or demonic possession. Also, they were a sign of wealth and nobility.

The ancient Greeks regarded diamonds as “the tears of gods,” symbolizing purity and the touch of gods on earth that brought the fortune. Even the Romans believed that the arrow of Cupid, the Roman god of love and desire, had been made of diamond.

In today’s world, diamonds are a brilliant investment and sign of commitment. When people make engagement rings, diamonds take them to the next level. Combining the circular shape of the ring, which represents eternity, and the diamond’s significance results in the perfect gift to declare a marriage proposal and to confess an unbreakable partnership between two lovers.

Since diamond engagement rings symbolize indestructible love, here’s a list of them to better choose the right one.

1. Solitaire Ring

The solitaire ring has become the most popular engagement proposal ring. It gained its name from its simple yet luxurious design, as it usually has a single sparkling diamond on top of a simple band with a prong or claw to hold the diamond. Regarding the materials, gold, platinum, and diamond are often used. However, other materials, such as emerald or blue sapphires, could be used. This iconic ring never goes out of style and stands the time test.

In today’s world that’s full of oversharing and noisy messages, solitaire rings with its simplicity and only gemstone whispering, “it’s you, the only person in the world for me.” This elegant efficiency makes it unique and a symbol of the two people uniting in one.

2. Three Stone Ring

Three-stone rings showcase three stones in a row and may vary in size or have the same size. However, the most popular style has a larger center stone and two smaller, prominent side stones. These stones are here for a reason; they tell a story, your love story, how it blossomed in the past, the love you share in the present, and the growing love which you’ll share in the future. Having your love story staged on the engagement ring makes it more meaningful and unique, and this symbolism makes the three-stone ring resonate with many couples.

3. Eternity ring

The most curious engagement ring, the eternity ring, has a special characteristic containing enormous precious stones. The gemstones or diamonds are distributed on the ring close together; the most common are baguette-cut and brilliant-cut. The two popular models are the fully covered eternity with stones and the half-covered eternity where the stones go only up to the middle of the ring. An eternity ring design symbolizes the eternal love between two people. And transmit the feeling of lifelong commitment.

4. Vintage engagement ring

Anything at least 20 years old is called a “Vintage.” But when it comes to engagement rings, vintage usually refers to the ring’s style rather than its age. However, some couples look for an authentic vintage ring, usually a second hand. Vintage unique design inspired by the Edwardian, Victorian, or Art Deco era makes it a favorable choice for couples looking for something out of the ordinary and to stand out from the crowd. Also, these rings come in different decorations and styles, offering a variety of styles to meet couples’ desires. Such special rings evoke the romanticism of another era and the passion of starting a new life with the commitment of eternal love.

5. Bezel ring

The bezel is a funny word in the jewelry world with a French origin. The bezel ring has a massive advantage, security, as it frames the ring stone with a continuous rim forming a collar around it. This feature protects the stone against daily wear and tear. Although the bezel setting looks modern at first glance, it historically has been used in jewelry design and stone settings. Anyway, if you’re looking for a stylish yet deep-rooted in history, a bezel ring is a great choice.

Although traditional rings are more tempting, exploring new inspirational trends you missed or not considered before will be interesting. Here are some of the trendy ring settings to consider:

Toi et Moi

As a symbol of two people coming together, it is the most authentic celebration of love, Toi et Moi, with its two gemstones anchored alongside the ring, becoming the celebrities preferred.

Colored Gemstone

One of today’s trendy engagement ring types is having colored gemstones, such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. The splash of colors instead of all in white diamonds attracts the attention of today’s brides.

Double Banded ring

The double-banded ring is the new revolution of stacking bands, having doubled bands showcase the stone floating as it is placed between them.

Pave band ring

Maximize the sparkle with a full or half pave band. The band itself is covered with small stones, which gives it the appearance of a solid diamond. Pave band rings for those who are not afraid to sine.

White gold rings

The shining yellow spark of the gold is replaced with luxurious but affordable white gold. The sliver and yellow gold alloy metals form the white gold. Besides its durability, white gold’s advantage is that it goes with any gemstone.


Diamonds have fascinated people for ages, and they became intertwined with commitment and marriage. Their mesmerizing qualities and beauty put them on top of other rare gems to indicate shared happiness and love.