In preparation for Holiday Seasons B.C. (Before-Coronavirus), I was always eager to book a hair appointment. There is nothing better than a fresh style before having to greet the entire family. While this holiday season will no doubt be different than years past, self-care and hair-care does not need to fall short.

As we head into the cold months of winter, it is important to keep manageable and healthy hair. Whether you feel safe walking into a salon or have been looking for some DIY hair tips, keeping up with your hair is possible. I sat down with Morgan Shick and Samantha “Logan” Pohl, stylists at John Roberts Studio, an Aveda salon based in Cleveland, to get their professional opinions. As Morgan foiled and colored my hair, the two of them were able to give me a run down of all the things you should (and shouldn’t) be doing in the upcoming months.

2021 Hair Style Tips

Entrepreneur styling hair in 2021
Entrepreneur styling hair in 2021
Thank you so much for seeing me! I haven’t been to a salon since March and it feels good to finally be in the chair. There’s really no end in sight to the pandemic. What do you recommend to people who aren’t able to get to a salon right now?

Morgan: Honestly, the best thing to do for your hair in general is to give it a break from all coloring and styling. You’re probably not going out much nor are you seeing too many people; it is the perfect time to just give your hair a break. Try some deep conditioning hair masks. Hair oils also will help keep your hair healthy. 

Logan: Exactly. And if you’re not comfortable seeing a stylist, yet, definitely do not color or cut it yourself.

Morgan: Yes, using box dye is one of the worst things you can do to your hair.

Why is that?

Morgan: For one thing, you don’t know what you’re doing.  If it’s not done professionally, you will miss spots. 

Logan: You’ll probably pop out a shoulder, too. Plus, it isn’t as cost effective as you might think it is. There is a huge chance that you’ll mess it up and then spend more money going into a salon and having it fixed. Everything you wanted to avoid in the first first place.

Morgan: When factoring in the costs for mixing bowls, the product, the tools, and the strain you’re putting on yourself, it isn’t worth it.

Logan: The biggest thing, though, is that box brands try to make their product “one size fits all” when in reality, [everybody] has such different types of hair.

How do you mean?

Logan: Well, you need more strength for the darker hair or texture.

Morgan: And if you have lighter hair, or thinner hair, the box product is too much, too saturated. Either way, you won’t know how to properly measure what your hair needs. Most box dyes are 30-60 milliliters and you don’t know what [ingredients] are in them.

Logan: Especially with salons being open, you shouldn’t resort to potentially damaging your hair. If you want your hair colored that badly, please see a stylist.

Should people feel safe coming into salons right now? What type of safety guidelines and regulations are salons practicing? 
Hair stylist cutting woman’s hair during quarantine 2021

Morgan: People should feel safe coming in. I do. It’s the cleanest it has ever been in here. We’re following CDC guidelines, of course. Masks are required. We’re sanitizing everything. Every time a client touches anything or sits anywhere, we wipe it down thoroughly. We also had plexiglass installed in the front desk area.

Logan: And we’re only [utilizing] every other style station and shampoo station. Cleaning products are always on hand and just sitting out in case we or anybody needs them.

Morgan: I feel like people feel safer when they see them out on display. Oh! We’ve also temporarily taken away facials, makeup applications, or anything that would make anybody take off their mask.

That’s great to hear. Especially now that I’m here! Are there any products you’d recommend to anyone trying to keep up with their hair on their own?

Morgan: For women, I’d recommend a good heat protector, leave in conditioner and, again, deep conditioning masks. Especially in the winter months. For men, beard oil is what I recommend to all my clients with facial hair.

Logan: Shaping wax, too. I love American Crew Fiber clay.

Morgan: I’d also recommend to anyone that they buy a silk pillowcase. This reduces frizz and breakage. Also, never put your hair up [in a ponytail] when wet.

After my hair processed, Morgan shampooed and toned my hair, then proceeded to trim and blow dry it. After being in the salon for over three hours, I definitely felt safe in my surroundings. There wasn’t any moment where I felt exposed. And in a time when everything is so uncertain, it is nice to get happiness in anyway you can. If you’re anything like me, book an appointment with your favorite salon or stylist. A fresh hairstyle might do just the trick.

You can book an appointment with Morgan (@morgan_jrspa) or Logan (@loganjrhair) at John Robert’s Spa, the Mayfield Heights, Ohio location.

Have any more hair style tips for 2021? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.