Streetwear became popular in the 1970s. It is a diverse culture where artists express themselves without the main priority as financial gain. Though street fashion began with skate culture, it also has elements of hip-hop fashion and modern high fashion. With Hispanic Heritage Month beginning on September 15 and lasting until October 15, here are some Latinx streetwear brands to check out and support.

Raised by Latinos

Raised by Latinos Latinx streetwear brand

This brand is more than a clothing company; it is a movement. They want to unite Latinos and connect conscious-minded and inclusive people globally. The goal of this lifestyle wear is to bring Latinos into the light. They promote Latin American culture and Latino empowerment. They also teamed up with Compassion Canada, one of the world’s leading child development organizations. They help rescue mom’s and their babies from poverty, provide food for malnourished children, and teach moms how to take care of their children as well as prepare them to take their first steps toward a life of promise.

Born x Raised

Born x Raised Latinx streetwear brand

Spanto came up with this brand idea while in prison and finally launched it with his creative partner 2Tone in 2013. The offensive gentrification of his hometown, Venice, Los Angeles, was the main source of inspiration. He believes that streetwear mimics other people’s cultures. BornxRaised does not copy anyone else; they just are. Spanto and 2Tone use their brand to express themselves and others who get swept under the rug. They are telling the story how they grew up and expressing themselves through clothing.

Stray Rats

Stary Rats Latinx streetwear brand

Founded by Julian Consuegra, this streetwear brand creates unique collections inspired by subcultures. The name came about when Julian Consuegra grew up in the punk rock / hardcore scene and rats were a prevalent reference in music. He thought about how his friends were like rats in the city getting what they could within the boundaries they had.

What Up Wear

What Up Wear Latinx streetwear brand

Founded in 2011 by Jorge Molina and Rodrigo Campos, the brand is inspired to reflect the events that are happening in streetwear on their clothes. They want to communicate with their clothes internationally in the Chilean language.

FRSH Company

FRSH Company Latinx streetwear brand

This male streetwear brand was created by Harry Maldonado whose vision was to create iconic pieces inspired by Puerto Rican legends in music as well as the history of the Caribbean Island. It is no longer an underground streetwear company because Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny, and Myke Towers are a few artists who support Harry Maldonado. It is definitely worthy of the attention it receives.

Public Housing Skate Team

Public Housing Skate Team Latinx streetwear brand

Founded by Vladdimir Gomez and Ron Baker, this brand is specifically for the youth. This is a skate team that sells clothing and represents a housing a project. Both Vlad and Ron are creating something different for their community. They are heavily inspired by ‘90s New York. They are less concerned with staying up to date with trends than they are with making a mark. Their goal is to motivate another generation of Bronx kids living in the shadows. They want to let them know they can make something from nothing, just like Hip-Hop.


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Felt Latinx streetwear brand

Kristian Acosta founded this streetwear brand that is an acronym of “For Every Living Thing.” Acosta’s designs are inspired by early streetwear and a minimal usage of graphics and texts. His designs are nostalgic and playful, and Acosta is not interested in creating a persona.

Somar ATX

Somar ATX Latinx streetwear brand

This online boutique shop was founded in 2014 and is embracing nuestra cultura and celebrating diversity. They sell stickers, towels, t-shirts, and mugs.


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424 Latinx streetwear brand

Guillermo Andrade reimagines classic pieces with bold prints. He also discusses topics such as police brutality through his work. As an undocumented migrant from Guatemala living in the Bay Area, he was always inspired to wear styles no one else did. Just because his family was not rich, did not mean he couldn’t look like a million dollars. This company highlights emerging and local designers alongside an established and thoughtful brand list.

Midnight Studios

Midnight Studios Latinx streetwear brand

Founded by Shane Gonzalez in 2014, this brand is on the brink of streetwear and high fashion. Gonzalez grew up in California where he was influenced by punk, Tony Hawk, and the Sex Pistols. Midnight Studios combines punk and youth street styles in an anti-aesthetic manner. His creative process excels after sundown and he likes to use collages of random clippings he finds.

What are some other Latinx streetwear brands we should know about? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.