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WIFF (Women’s International Film Festival) after a too-long pandemic crisis dictated hiatus, is once again ‘Breaking Down Barriers’ for women in Film, TV, Video, Podcasting, other forms of Artistic Storytelling,  Professional, Students, those seeking access to the industry. WIFF 2023’s conference Days are Wednesday + Thursday, March 22 + 23, 2023, during Women’s History Month, of course.

WIFF 2023 will present a schedule of deeply probative discussions by accomplished entertainment industry business, production, creative and artistic mavens, film + video showcases, as well as high-powered networking events, in various locations in Manhattan, New York, NY. Highlight events will be the Red Carpet Opening Screening + the WIFF TV Party.  Also in development are exciting social activities during the following weekend; Friday + Saturday, March 24 + 25, 2023.

WIFF 2023 will be very high-tech enabled and will provide a hands-on “reel’ world experience for New York City’s many students studying the various aspects of the entertainment industry. Students will have opportunities to work in supportive roles in WIFF 2023’s production. Other students will be able to attend and participate through corporate brand scholarships. Students from New York U, Columbia U, Parson’s, Fashion Institute of Tech, SUNY + CUNY; to name a few; are expected to participate as part of the WIFF production team or as eager learning attendees.

WIFF 2023 is attracting accomplished and newbie professionals, as well as attracting a slate of nearly 100 Films + Videos, from several nations. Content formats will include Domestic + Foreign Feature Films, Shorts, Narratives, Documentaries and Music. WIFF exists to help established and emerging entertainment industry professionals progress.

WIFF TV, launched in 2022, is a Feature Film, Documentary + TV programming Live + On Demand streaming service. with a laser-like focus on primarily, but not exclusively women artists, creators + producers of empowering positive and progressive women’s subject matter storytelling. WIFF TV will be the tech enabling both person + virtual registrants; with extended access to the content beyond the days of WIFF 2023.

During the pandemic business shutdown, McCormack-Lyons also focused on her “Reel Moments: With BadAss Women in Film & Entertainment” podcast; of which she is the host + producer. “Reel Moments: With BadAss Women in Film & Entertainment” is now streaming on iTunes, Pandora, Amazon Music, Spotify, I-Heart Radio, and wherever most podcasts are found.

Opportunities still exist to get involved with WIFF 2023, as speakers, content presenters, event brand partners, financial supporters, and of course as ticketed participants.

For access to WIFF 2023 Updates, News, Schedule, Confirmed Speakers, Highlights as well as Prices use this link Here are Links to view the Full WIFF + WIFF TV websites. 

Brand Sponsor/Partnership opportunities are available for the overall WIFF 2023 or any part of it. For more information contact Drew Barrett, Global 3T,; +1 (312) 933-6525. For additional insights on Sponsor/Partnership opportunities use the link

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