We all know about influencers and entrepreneurs in today’s society. One focuses on social media and presenting a product to an audience and the other focuses on business and presenting a brand to an audience. This then brings up an important question that needs answering. Are influencers and entrepreneurs technically the same? That’s right, both career paths do showcase a similar aspect to presenting a certain brand to an audience. Whether it’s a person selling a product or a brand selling a certain business, both do exceptional at marketing themselves towards their audience in order to make revenue. Here’s why influencers and entrepreneurs are one and the same.

What is an Influencer?

An entrepreneur looking down at a phone
An influencer and entrepreneur looking down at a phone

With the concept of an entrepreneur being around for a long time, the concept of an influencer is a newer idea. Because it’s a newer concept, tons of people are still confused by what an influencer does, so here it is explained for you. An influencer can be defined as “A person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media”. If you’re still confused by what an influencer is, try to name at least three social media personalities you know on the internet. If you find that the people you pick have huge followings but don’t know how they got them, then congratulations, you discovered an influencer. Now that you know about what an influencer is, you’ll have a better understanding of influencers trying to become entrepreneurs.

What is an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur looking into the camera in their office
An entrepreneur looking into the camera in their office

While the concept of an influencer is gaining more popularity by the day, the concept of an entrepreneur is a bit confusing. For those who don’t understand just exactly what an entrepreneur does, here is it explained. An entrepreneur can be defined as “A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking greater than normal financial risks in order to do so”. If you still don’t know what an entrepreneur is, try to find at least three businesses on social media. If you find the account of the founder in the bio or on the about page, then congratulations, you found an entrepreneur. Now that you know what an entrepreneur is, the concept of both influencers and entrepreneurs are better understood as to why they are the same.

Why Are Influencers and Entrepreneurs the Same?

An entrepreneur talking to a camera
An entrepreneur talking to a camera

For starters, how they market their products is very similar. Promoting on social media is a given now since it’s all anybody does when they have a product. But the promotion of the product is very similar in the case of both parties. With influencers, when they have a product out they know who their target demographic is: their fans. For entrepreneurs, when their product is out, they already know whether or not it’s going to work since their business is already directed towards a certain demographic. But what if the influencer in question is already an entrepreneur?

Well, when the influencer is the entrepreneur, they choose to promote the product on their own accounts as opposed to promoting on a business account or for another brand. Since their priority is their brand, they choose their own business before others as their products come first for them. Both influencers and entrepreneurs know what works for them and their business by marketing it to and for the consumer audience both online and offline. Using their customers as an influencer to their brand actually helps generate more sale and revenue for the marketing of the company. Whether you’re a social media personality or a big entrepreneur, it is possible to become both within the world of the internet.

Both influencers and entrepreneurs contribute to the world of business but in different ways. Since the birth of social media, not only are they able to sell their product, but also market their brand on the internet and sell the fantasy of the influencer/entrepreneur using said product. Now that you know about influencers and entrepreneurs, don’t be surprised the next time you see a social media personality selling their brand on the internet. They just might be creating the next big business.

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This article originally posted on GREY Journal.