Bees are the backbone of this environment, no matter where you are. Every 1 out of four bites of food you take comes from Bees! They pollinate 80% of the world’s plants including 90 different food crops. The Bee effect has been talked about by many but there is a lack of actual action, what can you do?

World Bee Day is on May 20th this year. Many people celebrate on the day by donating to causes that target colony collapse syndrome and other bee conservation efforts or make crafts and spread awareness on social media. All of these things are great, but BeeRole does that everyday, and more.

BeeRole is a global beehive. It’s a buzzing digital beehive for beekeepers and honey lovers everywhere. They have one mission: saving the endangered bee populations to maintain the natural equilibrium of biodiversity. They try to reach this goal in many ways by encouraging people to share honey from all over the world to support colonies and expand awareness, connecting activists and bee lovers together and raising money for conservation.

Honey Lover

One of the ways they support beekeepers and bees all over the world is by running eCommerce sites for all things honey. Anyone can buy honey from a different part of the world! Believe it or not, each area has different flavors of honey-based off on the different flora in the area. This can range from more pungent flavors based on pollen count, spicier flavors from pepper plants flowering, and citrus hints from Orange grooves. If honey isn’t your thing, you can also buy a hoodie or hat that gives its proceeds directly to the 2 billion bees project.

The 2 billion bees project is their most recent and biggest goal yet, to save 2 billion bees in 2021. They are aiming to build 200 thousand homes for bee families affected in over 100 countries. Just one dollar can save one hundred bees. This project can help rebound the bee population and save a lot of areas that have been struggling with low amounts of crops and low rates of local plan pollination.

Two million bees being saved would be almost 67,000 new hives in the world. Each hive pollinates 5,000 plants and can produce up to 100 pounds of honey in one year. The difference this would make in 67,000 different areas of the globe would be incredible. 

Will you help save the bees? If you’re interested visit BeeRole to join the hive and do your part.