How MTV’s Real World Star Eric Nies Is Saving Lives In Peru

Eric Nies is arguably one of the first reality TV stars as MTV’s Real World’s first cast member. Discovered at a young age, he was cast into the spotlight at just under 20 years old. Today Eric Nies lives a very different life. He is on a path of enlightenment, saving lives. I met up with Eric recently and discussed his journey. This is Eric Nies’ Real World today.

Shaman Eric Nies wearing crown on head
Tell me what brought you to this path of discovery. Was there one defining moment?

When I met my Grandmaster he checked my blood and health. He told me “your blood is like mud. If you don’t change your ways, you’re going to develop a blood clot within 10 years and die.” He put the fear of death in me and my journey began.

What is the plant medicine apprenticeship you are now looking to do?

I am learning how to serve my medicine/power gifts with others as a shaman. I have committed to a 3 year plant medicine teach training. In the Shipibo Tribal people’s tradition they work with thousands of plants from the Amazon. The spirits of these plants are energetically planted into the apprentice and over time these plants grow within you and share their knowledge.

You are planning a trip to Peru on March 15 and will be helping to heal someone. Why Peru?

My friend feels he has an autoimmune disease and feels like he’s dying. He’s tried everything to heal and nothing has happened. When the Shipibo maestros/ shamans drink Ayahuasca, their vision opens up in their minds eye and they can see into the patients body. Then the plant spirits inform them of what plants this person needs to work with to heal.

And what will this journey look like?

We are going to a healing center in Iquitos, Peru. In Peru, Ayahuasca is legal and the Maestros/ shamans are considered doctors or medicine men and women. We will drink Ayahuasca in ceremony 9 times in 14 days. We will be cleansing our bodies and healing our past in the silence of the jungle.

You find yourself at home in nature. Is there one area you find yourself most healthy and whole?

I feel the most healthy and whole when I am present in the moment with myself, in service to others.

What is one piece of advice you’d give your former self?

I would say to never suppress or dishonor your feelings. Honor yourself with being vulnerable and never entertain fear. Fear is an illusion that humans create in their minds and the traumas in your life and your suppressed emotions are your superpowers. Trust and surrender to the magnificent being of light and love that you truly are. Your divine presence is a gift to all humanity. Love and accept everything as a divine creation of God.

Click here to support Eric Nies’ Plant Medicine Apprenticeship Fund.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.

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