There are tons of things on the internet and on social media that can be triggering for millions of people. From ads on your social feeds to just Aunt Karen posting on Facebook about controversial topics, it can all blend into one another and make someone really anxious. Google has recently released that they are trying to contribute to a somewhat trigger-free environment.

Google recently announced they will now have an option to edit the ads you see on YouTube videos. To start their mission to a healthy online environment, they are giving you the option to reduce or get rid of ads you see on topics like gambling and alcohol. Those two kinds of ads are extremely triggering for those who are recovering addicts and who do not want to constantly be reminded of the activities they see for certain advertisements. This will take into effect sometime early in the new year.

However, something to be aware of if you do want to limit the ads you see on your YouTube videos is that not all of the ads will disappear. It is a large platform, so there may be some ads that slip through the cracks here and there, especially in the beginning. But just keep in mind that they are making strides to eradicate triggering content and it is a big step forward for online communities. With just this one step, they are helping millions of people with the temptations of these activities.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.