With the winter season coming up, it can be assumed that the pandemic will stay intact. Some worry that it may get worse and that there may be a spike in cases, which is all the more reason to make sure they are stocked and ready for the winter that is coming.

People everywhere are buying things like clothing and boots that will keep them warm while the harsh, cold weather arrives. Alongside the winter basics, they are also investing in outdoor heaters, assuming the quarantine will keep them from doing winter activities in the public. With these outdoor heaters, you can do all of the activities that you want to during the winter, while staying warm, from your own home. 

According to David Brown with Business Wars Daily, “Consumers Are Getting Ready for a Long, Cold Winter,” stores such as Sporting Goods and L.L.Bean have been making good money due to the increase of winter sales. With the urge to be prepared for anything during the weather change, gear such as sleds, flannels, and snow boots have been selling fast since August for L.L.Bean. While they have been seeing an increase of winter gear selling, Sporting Goods have seen an increase of outdoor workout equipment and other things to keep a person busy and entertained during quarantine since March. Now releasing all of their winter stuff, they plan to see sales go up. 

Are you ready for the weather change? What are your plans for winter? Let us know down below.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.