As the pandemic continues to put people out of jobs, we have seen an increase in things like unemployment, failure to make payments, and evictions. Yes, you heard that right – evictions. Regardless of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) deciding to put a stop to residential evictions in order to prevent the spread of the virus, many people are still experiencing these injustices.

Chris Arnold in Morning Edition “Despite A New Federal Ban, Many Renters Are Still Getting Evicted,” talks about hundreds of Americans who are currently going through the eviction process despite the federal ban. In order to avoid getting evicted, the tenants have to send in written documents and swear that they literally have no other choice but to stay in the rented home and that if they get evicted, they will be homeless. Not only would this put hundreds of families at the mercy of the virus, but it would put them in a position that they could not get out of due to the lack of stimulus checks and unemployment benefits. Alice and Jeremy Bumpus have experienced firsthand the cruelty of the current eviction process, but were lucky enough to gain protection until the end of the year. However, not all cases work out the way that theirs did. 

As of right now, it seems that only 1/100 cases have been approved to appeal an eviction in court, making this a more prevalent issue as the pandemic gets worse. Nearly 4,000 new cases of evictions are being reported every day and the numbers keep growing. 

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.