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With children going back to school online, it has become very stressful for parents who have to work from home all while teaching and making sure their children are learning. Juggling a work life and a parent life is hard enough, but some companies are doing everything in their power to make it a little bit easier.

Companies like Zoom, Etsy, and Pinterest are making sure that their employees are taken care of as well as their children says David Brown in Business Wars Daily, “Remote Learning is Testing Parents. Can ‘Family Benefits’ Firms Help?” He explains in detail the way Cleo, a brand owner, created a website to stand up for working parents called Invest in Parents. This pledge is designed to help give parents a steady hand to hold onto if they ever feel like they are in a pinch to prevent parents from quitting their jobs while still dedicating some of their time to their children’s education. On the site, it gives more information about the hardships that working parents are now facing since back to school season approached.

Overall, Cleo and other large companies are working together to make sure that parents have flexibility in their work and are giving them family assistance in the same way that H.R. firms give benefits to their companies. These aids have been extremely helpful for the working parent who need it.

What are your thoughts on the “Invest in Parents” stance? Are you ready to take the pledge and help make life a little easier for working parents? Let us know in the comments below.


This article originally published on GREY Journal.