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So, you have a great boss who encourages you to grow both professionally and personally. If their birthday is just around the corner, maybe it is time to surprise them with a unique gift. This is the opportunity to show how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication.

However, choosing a perfect gift for a manager can be tricky. It should be original and align with their interests. Above all, it needs to remain professional. Here are five birthday gifts for a boss that will blow them away.

A Low-Maintenance Office Plant

Coworkers holding office plants as gifts for boss
Coworkers holding office plants as gifts for boss

Is your manager a busy bee? They have so much on their plate that they often forget to eat lunch or go out for a walk to stretch their legs. So, why not help them incorporate a little life into their office space?

A plant, especially a low-maintenance one, adds a perfect touch of light, color, and warmth to your manager’s office. Most importantly, greenery increases positivity.

Sure, choose easy-to-care-for office plants. You do not want your boss to stress about the plant’s survival while they are on a business trip. For example, opt for cacti that thrive in natural light and have to be watered once weekly. Spider plants, jade plants, and aloe vera are also super-easy to maintain.

A Gift Basket

Entrepreneur holding gift basket of flowers
Entrepreneur holding gift basket of flowers

Whether your boss enjoys a glass of quality wine, has a sweet tooth, or eats healthily, there is a gift basket for them. Gift baskets are universal gift ideas, something you basically cannot go wrong with.

Remember, it does not have to be food or luxury drinks. Always consider your manager’s interests, hobbies, preferences, etc. For example, if you know they are passionate about gardening, why not get them a gift basket packed with gardening tools and seed packets.

A Notebook Set

Leather notebook gift for boss on desk
Leather notebook gift for boss on desk

Does your boss enjoy taking written notes during meetings? Then a set of notebooks may be a perfect gift for them.

The choice of notebooks varies. Choose a print, color, sentiment, and design that works well for your boss. You can choose luxury designs, such as notebooks with leather bindings and gold edges. If your boss loves simplicity, choose simple soft binds or spiral binds.

To make the present even more special, consider choosing eco-friendly designs that use recycled paper. Or, purchase from brands that support social causes. There is nothing more special than sharing the joy of helping society.

Clothes and Accessories

Entrepreneur wearing red scarf
Entrepreneur wearing red scarf

Choosing clothes and accessories for a present is always a good idea. However, it can be tricky. There are many factors to consider, including your manager’s personal style, brand interests, and size.

Since you are purchasing clothes for a manager, consider items that are suitable for work. It could be a floral blouse or a loose-knit that suits their style and size. Forcast, a brand selling women’s workwear in Australia, provides a helpful size guide on their website. Most importantly, always choose from local brands that have a clear returns policy.

Also, consider fashion items you cannot go wrong with. Those could be clothes or accessories that do not need to be tried on, such as scarves, jewelry, bags, or hair accessories.

Sure, if you know what their favorite beauty or fashion brand is, gift cards and vouchers are your safest bet. They are always a thoughtful and appropriate gift for bosses since you can place the card in a fancy birthday card or envelop to exercise discretion. With a gift card, they can choose the right items for themselves at their favorite stores.

Travel Gear

Red travel bag with sunglasses and boarding passes
Red travel bag with sunglasses and boarding passes

Does your boss travel a lot? Then travel gear may be the right gift for their next birthday. Travel encompasses various elements. Focus on the items we usually forget when packing for a business trip. Some of them are pillows, passport holders, travel bags, neck pillows, eye masks, tissues, and so forth.

Find the Right Gift for Your Boss

Purchasing a perfect gift for a boss can be challenging. It is vital that your present remains professional and shows that you appreciate them. I hope these tips inspire you!

Have any more gifts ideas for a boss? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.